The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 11 Recap

It's Not Easy Beating Green

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 8, 2015

Kiss the race goodbye.

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Both of the top two teams say that they won’t be too sad if Justin & Diana are eliminated, but #TheGreenTeam is en route to the Pit Stop.

Krista cries as she prepares for her fourth try, but Tiffany tells her not to give up. Unfortunately, the fourth time is not a charm. Krista will have to do the show for a fifth time. There’s pretty much no chance Justin & Diana can lose.

But wait. Even as #ThePaparazzi and #TheReporters are groaning at the sight of Justin & Diana, Phil informs them that they’ll incur a 30-minute penalty due to the fact that they took the Kowloon ferry instead of the Hong Kong ferry. In addition, because the Kowloon ferry was 25 minutes closer than the other ferry, they’ll tack on an additional 25 minutes on top of it. The total penalty is 55 minutes.

Basically, Krista has to get the fish on this fifth try if she and Tiffany are going to have any chance. We know that the show is 20 minutes at minimum. We’re probably talking about 40 minutes plus cab ride. It’s going to be close.


Naturally, Justin & Diana begin sobbing as Phil says, “Didn’t see that coming, did you?” Krista does in fact get her fish on the fifth try, so it’s a legitimately nerve-wracking time for everyone at the Pit Stop (and don’t think for a moment that #ThePaparazzi or #TheReporters have left – it’s too exciting).

Of course, the girls’ cab driver drops them off in the wrong place, so they have to pick up another one. Right as they arrive at the pier, Phil checks Justin & Diana in as team number three and confirms that they will be going to the final leg. #TheCheerleaders arrive moments later and are eliminated from the Race. They’re proud to still be in the Race, noting that a lot of people expected them to be gone much sooner. (True.) “Oh, well. We can always marry rich,” says Krista. Female empowerment forever!

So, our finalists are Logan & Chris (#ThePaparazzi), Kelsey & Joey (#TheReporters) and Justin & Diana (#TheGreenTeam). Tune in on Friday for the finale, where we’ll see if Justin & Diana can tie the record for most leg wins or Kelsey & Joey can win a leg when it matters. No, we don’t think Logan & Chris can win, and the previews promise more fireworks between them.

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