Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Episode Recap

Episode 12 - Tiny Little Shanks to the Heart

By Jim Van Nest

December 3, 2015

Never pass out.

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As the jury comes in, I have to mention...I absolutely hate Savage's beanie. Dude, you're in your 50s. Take off the beanie and act like it.

Okay, first question is about Joe's collapse. He says he's okay, but that he pushed himself farther than he ever has before, and he has a breaking point as well. Kimmi says the battle was epic and watching him drop was frightening. Kelley admits that she has to think about the game. He stood there until he passed out, and that is the dedication he has to winning the challenge. Jeremy admits that once they learned Joe was okay, you had to start thinking about Joe not having immunity. He says, though, that you can't just have blinders on and let that take you off your game. The next couple of votes are going to be crucial. Kelley, Tasha and Joe all echo him by saying, "Crucial." I don't think they're all saying it for the same reason, though.

Jeff asks about the voting bloc thing and Jeremy says that the voting blocs are cool, but at this stage of the game, you have to start thinking about alliances or you could end up on the bottom of the next voting bloc. He says that everyone knows who is on the chopping block. Joe says he always feels like he's on the block. Abi also says she feels like she's on the bottom. Joe jumps in to say that Abi is in a great place, as everyone wants to take her to the end. She just gets by each vote. She argues that's not the case and he points out that despite that, she's sitting up tall with a smile on her face. Kelley is rolling her eyes at this and I have to wonder if it's because she's worried he might get through to someone.


Jeff goes to Spencer and asks about whom you might take to the end and how that person could be taking your spot. He says that when the person you want to sit next to doesn't help you to get to the end, you have to do something about it. Abi says that there is a mold in the tribe that they have to get rid of. Joe says that he hopes everyone sticks to the plan and that if they don't they will see themselves go out eight, seven, and six instead of being the top four. And with that, it's time to vote.

We see Abi's vote for Joe, saying that he's moldy and has to go and he has to get a haircut. Classy, as always. We see Joe's vote for Abi. We don't see Spencer's vote, and he says that he has a feeling that this is either a winning or losing vote. Dammit, he voted for Joe. All right. Jeff's gonna read the votes.
Joe. Abi. Tasha. And the rest all come up...12th person voted out, sixth member of our jury, Joe. Aw dammit! If there really is an all-girl alliance and it lasts to the end of this game, this season just took a terrible turn to suckitude. At the very least, you have to force the tie here. See what happens after, but don't just throw in the towel like that. This should have been a 4-4 vote tonight. Not a 6-1-1. That makes no sense. What that means is that the guys decided it was best to take out Joe at the risk of losing to the girls' alliance. They’d better hope that Tasha meant what she said. Otherwise, it's good night to Jeremy, Spencer and Keith. And hello to an Abi-filled end-game...and frankly, I don't even want to watch if that happens.

Next time on Survivor: Jeremy and Spencer are concerned about their place in the game. Really? REALLY?? You might not BE in that place if you had voted right last night. Anyway, they're concerned about their place, but the backstabbing isn't the only pain they'll be feeling. Then we get some shots of the "run on the wet wood and boat" challenge that always results in some huge falls and potential injury. We see Kimmi and Keith wipe out. We see what looks like Spencer bust his face on the dock and we see Tasha in the middle of the water calling for help. Well, we can only hope that everyone comes out of this challenge uninjured. We can also hope that what has been a fantastic season so far doesn't come crashing down around us under the weight of one of the worst people/players to ever be on the show. Cross your fingers and I'll cross mine.

*Programming note: There are only two episodes of Survivor remaining this season. We'll have the penultimate episode next Wednesday, Dec 9th. The finale will air the following Wednesday, December 16th. That's right - no Sunday finale. Three full hours in the middle of your week. So rest up, kiddies...this is shaping up to be a wild ride.**

‘Til next week, take care.

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