Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Episode Recap

Episode 12 - Tiny Little Shanks to the Heart

By Jim Van Nest

December 3, 2015

Never pass out.

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We come back as everyone is rushing to Joe's side. Medical is on the scene. For several minutes, Joe lies motionless on the platform. They're calling his name, but he doesn't respond. The doctor basically says that he basically used everything he had and his blood pressure dropped to the point that his body just gave out. Finally Joe comes to and says that his legs just went numb. He immediately gets upset and the doc explains that his body shut down basically to get him horizontal to supply more blood to his brain. As he lies there, you can see the color come back into his face and the doc confirms that he does not need to come out of the game. Joe tells us that he went in thinking he would win immunity, and next thing he knew he was on his back not knowing what happened. He knows, now, though that he has a rough battle ahead of him. Back to the challenge, as Jeff says, the game just keeps on going and he presents the necklaces to Keith and Kelley. Jeff sends them back to camp with the afternoon to decide who goes home.

So, I guess it's now time to play "It's Anyone But Joe." Insert ignorant Abi comment here. Kelley tells Abi that Kimmi wants an all-girl alliance and that Tasha is in. Kelley confirms to Abi and us that Joe has to go, and they can take control of the game. Joe tells us that it sucks that he doesn't have immunity and that he's completely exhausted. Joe and Jeremy take to the beach, and Joe makes a plea to take out Abi. He says that with every vote, Abi becomes more and more of the goat to take to the end because no one will vote for her.


Jeremy takes this to Spencer and Tasha, suggesting that maybe Abi is the vote. Tasha tells them that there's talk of an all-girl alliance, but that ain't happening. You could have knocked Jeremy over with a feather. She says that she has been with them since the beginning and that hasn't changed. Jeremy tells us about the all-girl thing and he's not happy about that possibility. Tasha tells us that she told the guys about the all-girl thing because she didn't want to risk them finding out about it from someone else.

As the girls all hang on the beach, Jeremy and Spencer talk about what to do. Spencer is scared either way. He doesn't want to leave Joe in the game, but he's not sure that Tasha is really down for their final three. They figure the guys will all vote together, but they need a fifth, so he tries to get Tasha with him. But she really wants Joe out. She tells Jeremy that Joe could win out and that she really wants him gone. And she could be telling Jeremy the 100% truth here, but with the threat of an all-girl alliance, Jeremy knows his game could be over if this happens. Tasha tells us that she is very concerned about not knowing how this is going to go. One thing's for sure. The girls are voting Joe and the guys are voting Abi. Tasha is the only vote in the air right now. Can't wait to see how this goes down.

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