Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Episode Recap

Episode 12 - Tiny Little Shanks to the Heart

By Jim Van Nest

December 3, 2015

Never pass out.

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We come back from break as everyone returns to camp. As all the loved ones head to their barbeque, the other three head back to camp and don't even bother to stop and talk to everyone. We'll get to them later. The barbeque is happening and everyone is excited. Keith is thrilled to have Big D there. Joe shows his dad the flag and tells him he painted the whole thing. His dad shares with him that Joe is really the best friend he's ever had. It's a very touching moment and when you consider that the two of them have really bonded over this show, I'm sure it's something they'll never forget.

As promised, we check in with the lonely three and Jeremy asks what they think of the selections. Spencer says it's pretty much what he expected. He tells us that every choice was like a tiny little shank to the heart. He also tells us that he has to put that aside right now and get back in the game. He tells Tasha that the move he made was a move against Stephen, not against them. She asks him what the next move is. He says he would like to see them be the final three. Jeremy and Tasha agree to well they should. Tasha tells us that she really likes her place in the game right now. She has the final three with Jeremy and Spencer and then she also has the all-girl thing. She figures she'll decide when the time comes. Right now, though, everyone has set their sights on Joe. Tasha says that he now has a social game to go with the physical and Spencer tells us that he let Joe stay once because he needed him for the big move. He can't do it again. He has to take Joe out the next time he loses.

We come back from the commercials to our second Probst sighting! Today's challenge is another balancing challenge. They'll have to balance a wooden statue on a pole. At regular intervals, they'll add extensions to the pole, making it taller and harder to balance. Last one with their statue still standing wins immunity and a one in seven chance to win this game. But wait, there's a will be last man and last woman standing wins immunity.


Everyone makes it through the first round and they all have to add the extension while not dropping their statue. And everyone does it nicely. They will add sections every five minutes. When the poles reach 10 feet, Kimmi loses hers and becomes the first person out of the challenge. Abi is right behind her, leaving Kelley and Tasha to battle it out. As they add the next transition, Tasha can't hold on and Kelley wins immunity for the women.

Right after that, Spencer and Jeremy both drop out. Keith and Joe will battle it out again with their 14 foot poles. As they make the transition to the last section of pole, making it 16 foot. Both poles are bending pretty badly. The bench is actively rooting for Keith at this point. Joe has a ton of movement, as always, but saves it, as always. Keith's pole bends to the point where you'd think it would break, but he manages to save it. We're now 1 hour and 20 minutes into the challenge and both of their necks are starting to hurt from the look up. As they continue to hold it, Joe's eyes glaze over and he collapses in a heap. The bench cheers, Probst pronounces Keith the winner and then they all finally realize that Joe isn't getting up. Jeff calls medical over and everyone races to his side as we head to a commercial. Um, color me shocked. All signs pointed to Keith being the one to go down tonight. I never would have imagined it would be Joey Amazing.

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