Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Episode Recap

Episode 12 - Tiny Little Shanks to the Heart

By Jim Van Nest

December 3, 2015

Never pass out.

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We come back from break to a Probst sighting!! We were promised a family visit and I'm sure this is it. Jeff asks them how it feels to be out there for 30 days. Tasha says it feels great, while Jeremy gets teary eyed talking about home. Jeff has a little fun with the players, acting like he doesn't have their loved ones there. Of course he has their loved ones there! First out is Val and Jeremy runs out to her for a big hug and she whispers to him that it's a boy. Lots of tears ensue. Next up is Tasha's cousin Cristina. Then, we meet Spencer's girlfriend, Marcella. And right off the bat, he tells her he loves her. Awwww...and Jeremy looks on with pride.

Abi's mom Vera makes her second appearance on Survivor. Next up is Dana Nale to see Keith. Keith let's everyone know that she's "Big D". Making his second appearance on Survivor is FarmGuy69 himself, Dale Wentworth to see Kelley. Joe didn't last long enough last time for his dad to come out, but this time he made it. Through tears, Joe thanks everyone for letting him have this moment on the show. Finally, we meet Kimmi's dad and she is VERY excited to see him.

Oh yeah, we have a challenge to play. Today's challenge will have the players dig up a rope with three bags of letter blocks. They'll then have to spin around in circles twisting a bar to release a fourth bag. All dizzy-like, they'll now have to cross a balance beam to get the fifth and final bag. Once then have all their bags, they'll need to solve the puzzle. The word, by the way, is Nourishment. The prize? A good ole fashioned 'Merican barbeque, with their loved one, of course. Worth playing for? Um, yeah, I think so.


This is gonna be a crazy challenge. On sheer will alone, you'd think Jeremy would kill this. But Spencer and Joe are simply better at challenges and equally motivated. And let's not forget Keith and Tasha with like seven individual challenge wins between them. This should be good. Through the rope stage, Kimmi, of all people, is in the lead. Keith, Tasha and Joe are right behind. Keith and Kimmi are the first ones done spinning with their fourth bag. Joe has now almost caught up to Keith. Keith gets his fifth bag, followed by Jeremy, Wentworth and Joe. Spencer gets his fifth bag and gets in the challenge.

Keith is stumped by the puzzle. Abi and Tasha finally get their bags and Kimmi has trouble on the beam. As everyone struggles with the puzzle, Kelley Wentworth finally starts putting something together. Abi does as well, but she is not right. Kelley, however, is right and Kelley wins reward. Jeff tells her to pick three people to share the reward. Kelley picks Keith, Abi and Kimmi. Huh, Kimmi? So, she would take it away from Jeremy and give it to Kimmi? I guess we see the new alliance shaping up, eh? But wait, Jeff tells her to pick one last person. Naturally, she picks Jere...wait a minute...Joe. Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha will not get a loved one visit. Their loved ones head out as we head to break and I have to wonder what this is going to do to the all-girl alliance idea. I can't imagine that Tasha is going to be too excited to work with Kelley and Abi at this point.

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