Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 8 - You Call, We'll Haul

By Jim Van Nest

November 12, 2015

They have an uncanny ability to knock out the most annoying players so far this year.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to a chaos-free edition of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance! As I mentioned, this episode will be 100% Chaos-free, as Kass was sent to Ponderosa as the first member of our very large jury last week. And It was a busy episode. Tribes merged, bonds were formed and broken. The Bayon strong alliance mostly held together and the Ta Keo 5 died quickly and quietly. Somehow, Spencer and Joey Amazing found themselves in the middle of everything and they decided to stick with the numbers on this first vote after the merge. Also, Joe won the first of what he hopes will be 10 immunity challenges in a row.

To set up this week, we have a core block made up of mostly Bayon. Jeremy, Tasha, Savage, Stephen, Wiglesworth and Kimmi seem to be the hub of this block, with Keith, Joe, Wentworth and Spencer joining forces rather than be seen as dissenters. Ciera and Abi-Maria are clearly on the outs. But, with no real alliances on this season, it's hard to think that this group will stick together. Again, they're not really an alliance, but a group who is voting together...for now.

The previews have been all about big moves and the two focal points of all the ads have been Joe and Stephen. We know that Stephen really wants to get rid of Joe and it looks like he's going to make a move against him this week. But it doesn't look like everyone will be down with this move, so Stephen could be in trouble himself. Either way, with the way alliances and votes have floated in the wind so far this season, about the only thing that's certain is that Probst won't be getting voted out!


We begin tonight's episode the morning after Tribal, day 20. Savage is patting himself on the back for the great plan and execution last night. He also congratulates Jeremy. Savage is worried about Ciera and her "play the game" speech. He and Jeremy decide it's a way to try to get people to rally to take out the guys. We join Ciera and Stephen on the beach discussing the state of the game. She tells Stephen that it's time to make a big move. And you know she's ALL about the big move. She says that if it were up to her, she'd go for Joe. Which is the perfect thing to say to Stephen since he already has a thing for getting rid of Joe. He tells us that he doesn't want to wait around to be run over by the bros. He says it's time to go for someone who is a real threat to win this game.

We come back from the credits to our first Probst sighting! Today's reward challenge will see the tribe broken into teams of six. They'll paddle a boat out to a series of crates. They'll untie them and collect them. Once they have all the crates, they will use them to stack where no colors match on any of the sides. This has part of the challenge they did on Season 1 where Wiglesworth, the river rafting guide, lost the paddling challenge to Gervase, the dude from Philly who can't swim. Kelly is ever so grateful to Jeff for bringing that up. Oh yeah, and they're playing for a trip to the Survivor cafe. Coffee, sandwiches, baked goods and sweets will rule the day at the Survivor Cafe. Worth playing for? Honestly, I say no. But they seem to like it. They'll school yard pick for teams and get started.

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