Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 8 - You Call, We'll Haul

By Jim Van Nest

November 12, 2015

They have an uncanny ability to knock out the most annoying players so far this year.

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The teams are: Green - Wiglesworth, Wentworth, Kimmi, Joe, Keith and Ciera. Pink - Savage, Stephen, Jeremy, Tasha, Spencer and Abi-Maria. Survivors ready? Go! The blue team has trouble getting out of the gate, but ultimately, they get back on track and everything is even as they get to the first crate. Keith gets the first crate for green, while Abi has a hard time getting the first pink crate. Green has their second crate as Spencer takes over getting the crates. Keith and Joe are rock solid getting their crates for green.

Joe secures the fourth crate for green, while Spencer finally gets crate number three for pink. The green team is carrying their last crate to the platform to stack as Spencer gets the fourth crate into the boat. Pink finally catches up and both teams are working on the puzzle. Stephen has taken over the puzzle for pink, but he's wrong and they have to rework it. As you would expect, that's when Keith and Joey Amazing take over and win this challenge for the green team. As we head to break, Stephen does not like Joe going on reward with the girls. That could ruin everything.

We come back from break as the winning tribe gets to the big Survivor Cafe. Kimmi is very excited to go on her first food reward ever on Survivor. And right off the bat, Ciera is ready to play. She starts by trying to explain to everyone what she meant by everyone needs to play the game. She tells them that Stephen, Andrew, Jeremy and Tasha are pretty unbreakable and now might be the time to make a move. Joe tells us that she's right. He knows he's not with them and they could probably be coming for him. She tells the group that Jeremy and Stephen are really smart. Joe echoes this, saying that Stephen really knows numbers and all that.


The problem here is that they're saying this all in front of Kimmi. And Kimmi is the fifth in that unbreakable group. Every word of this will get back and any plans made here will be moot. After all of the talk dies down, Keith has taken interest in the little motorcycle vehicle thing that they were brought to the cafe in. It's a motorcycle that has a carriage type deal behind it. So, he gets on and fires it up. Next thing you know, Keith is driving everyone all over the beach on this thing. That's what rewards are made for, I guess!

And now, we get to check in with the challenge losers. Oh, it's so sad on Bayon beach. Stephen is like really bummed about losing for some reason. He tells the group that he's worried about bonds being made on the reward, which was kinda how he lost in Tocantins. The next thing we see is Stephen telling Jeremy that he doesn't want to waste time with the Cieras and Abis of the world when there are much bigger threats in the game. He tells Jeremy that they should go after Joe. Jeremy tells us that Stephen is stuck on Joe and that while he wanted Joe around as a shield, if he loses the challenge, he might have to go.

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