Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 8 - You Call, We'll Haul

By Jim Van Nest

November 12, 2015

They have an uncanny ability to knock out the most annoying players so far this year.

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Stephen takes the Joe train to Spencer and tries to really Spencer to vote out Joe, if he loses. They agree that he'll never see it coming, although, he actually does see it coming. Either way, if we're to believe what they're showing us, Jeremy and Spencer are down with voting off Joe. Next up on the Joe tour is Tasha. She says she could be okay with voting for Joe. Problem is, Savage overhears this conversation and he doesn't like it. He says he has a great thing with Joe right now and he has no plans on voting him out. He says if he has to go toe to toe with Stephen, he will.

We come back from break on the next day and everyone is back on the beach. Very first thing, Savage takes Joe aside and tells him Stephen is coming for him. He tells Joe that every time strategy talk comes up, it's about getting rid of Joe. Joe tells us that he's not surprised that Stephen's gunning for him, just that it's so soon. Savage promises Joe, on his kids' lives, that he will not write his name down. Meanwhile, Joe tells us that he worries Stephen has the numbers and that if he doesn't win immunity, he's gone. Which is the perfect bridge to a...

Probst sighting! Today's challenge will have everyone balancing a ball on a disc at the end of a rope. At regular intervals, they will grab farther back on the rope, making it harder to balance. Last time this was run was Blood vs Water 2. Jeremy was first out and Keith actually won the challenge. (He's good with balls). And right as the challenge starts, Wentworth and Ciera are out. Next up are Wiglesworth and Jeremy. Abi and Stephen drop out next and there are only six. Savage drops out next and the other five make it to that 10 minute mark, where they all move back farther on the rope.


There is lots of movement on Kimmi's ball, and she makes some great recoveries, but she can't hold on forever. And next out is Tasha. That leaves Keith, Joe and Spencer. All hree of them make it to the next break and they are now back to the farthest part of the rope. Last man standing wins immunity. Joe's ball is on the move, but he steadies it. And just like that, Spencer drops out.

Jeff tells Joe and Keith that if they make another 10 minutes, they'll add a second ball. They both make it to the two balls and there will be no more stops. Joe's balls start getting blown in the wind and he keeps saving them. Just as both of his balls are on the move, Keith loses control of one of his and it rolls off the edge. Joe wins immunity!! As we head to commercial, Joe is so glad he won immunity and now, he's got his sights set on Stephen for coming after him.

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