Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 8 - You Call, We'll Haul

By Jim Van Nest

November 12, 2015

They have an uncanny ability to knock out the most annoying players so far this year.

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We come back from commercial to some sweet baby monkey footage. Looks like Probst knew what was good for him. He thought I didn't notice the lack of adorable baby monkey last week, but I did. This week, baby is hanging with his folks as the tribe congratulates Joe on his big win. Stephen is so frustrated for Joe to have that necklace. He says Jos is his "white whale." Joe and Andrew get together and decide that Stephen has to go. Savage says he'll talk to Jeremy and I think that's a big mistake. Joe, however, plans on using the three girls on the bottom (Ciera, Wentworth and Abi) to his advantage.

We join Joe on the beach with the Kell(e)y's and he tells them that Savage wants Stephen out. Wentworth is stoked at this news. Wiglesworth says nothing. Wentworth tells us that she's so excited to have this possible deal with Joe to save her and the group on the bottom. Joe tells them that he is writing Fishbach tonight. Wentworth goes to lock up Ciera and she is also on board.

Savage takes his conversation to Wiglesworth and Tasha. He says that Stephen has to go. Jeremy joins the conversation and tells us that he wants to take Stephen far into the game, so he's not down for a Stephen vote right now. He also tells the group, which now includes Spencer, that he doesn't want to see the girls get off the hook. He thinks it should be either Wentworth or Ciera. Spencer chimes in that they all know what Stephen is about and what he's trying to do, suggesting that he could be taken out later.


Savage tells them that they make great points and he'll do what the group wants to do. He tells us that he's used to getting his way, but this time it didn't work out for him. So, it looks like he may have swung back to Jeremy. This will leave Joe, Ciera, Wentworth and Abi holding the bag, as it were. We see Tasha talking to Joe about how they don't want to get rid of Stephen just yet. He doesn't agree with it, but he can see the numbers sliding away. He tells Ciera and Wiglesworth, who I guess was on board, though that only gives them five, that it doesn't look good. Wentworth just wants to know if it's her or Ciera. Don't forget, she has an idol, so she can turn the game upside down with it. She is pissed that Joe won't take a stand. The girls talk and are all pissed about the half assed plans. Ciera, Wentworth and Abi decide that whomever they vote for, they're all voting for the same person. Looks like it's either Stephen or Savage.

We get to Tribal and Jeff brings in Kass, who greets the group with the one-finger salute that she got so much crap for last time. Jeff starts with Ciera and she's still irritated that people are trying to save themselves in the game. Wentworth lays it all out, saying that four people are running the game and everyone else is just waiting to be picked off of the ladder on the way up. Jeff suggests that if there are only four people running it, the rest should be able to do something about that. Kelley agrees, saying that you would think so, but no one wants to make a move.

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