The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 5 Recap

King of the Jungle

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 26, 2015

So long, team that isn't The Green Team or Team Texas.

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In the end, the prize goes to #TeamAlabama, who is awarded a trip to Slovakia. We’re not sure that Slovakia is Denise’s kind of place. Anyway, the Express Pass was good enough to get them the win. Thankfully, that nonsense is out of the way now and we can watch the good teams (Green, Texas, Reporters) run strong legs and the rest of them… well, we’ll watch them all be terrible.

Justin agrees with that sentiment, although he is annoyed that they lost first place because of a fruit-balancing contest.

It looks like a bad mistake is in the offing for Jazmine & Danielle, who arrive for the next portion of the challenge but go to the Masuwe Lodge and balance fruit on their head rather than doing the lion walk. They’re killing themselves time-wise, because they’re going to have to wait for all of the teams ahead of them to do the lion walk. This is probably the break #TheCheapskates need, even if they don’t deserve it.

When Jazmine & Danielle see Phil, they realize their mistake, which puts them back at the lions with Tiffany & Krista and Cindy & Rick. Looks like #TheCheapskates are still in trouble today.

It’s a comedy of errors watching the fruit balancing of #TeamTexas and #TheReporters, who are checked in as teams three and four. Josh says that they’ll be able to be more strategic now, but we should remind him that he’s still saddled with Tanner as a teammate, so that’s not likely.


Just as Jazmine & Danielle are saying that they have to do a better job of paying attention, they walk right past the skull that contains their next clue. It would be a mercy killing if one of the lions turned toward them and ate them at this point. Actually, the lions could pretty much eat any of #ChacAttack, #TheCheerleaders and #TheCheapskates at this point and the Race would be better for it.

#TheTrackStars return to base camp and are asked for their clue, but since they don’t have it, they’ll have to lion walk again. Now they have to wait for Cindy & Rick and Logan & Chris to walk. Crippling mistakes all over the place tonight.

Tiffany & Krista are checked in as Team #5, so they’ve held on for yet another leg. They might have sucked today, but at least they didn’t make any awful mistakes.

The bulk of the fruit portion of the leg consists of Logan & Chris telling each other to shut up. We’re not joking. Nonetheless, they’re Team #6, so they are still in the Race.

That means #TheTrackStars are the last team to arrive, and have been eliminated from the Race. Honestly, this was a painful leg to watch. It’s not fun watching bad teams perform poorly, which is probably why the show has focused so much on #TheGreenTeam and #TeamTexas thus far.

Next week promises more blowups from Logan & Chris. Hooray?

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