The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 5 Recap

King of the Jungle

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 26, 2015

So long, team that isn't The Green Team or Team Texas.

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When Logan & Chris arrive at the orphanage donation box at the Pit Stop, Chris sticks some cash in and says, “A big donation for you guys.” Phil asks him how much he donated. Chris replies that he gave $20. There are several disgusted looks all around, especially as he notes that he still has $155 left.

Phil takes this opportunity to let Chris know that all of the teams ahead of them gave every last dime of their money. Keoghan doesn’t even bother hiding his contempt. Logan yells, “Give them all the money!” but Chris still isn’t even sure about it now. “I guess we don’t need it,” he says. This isn’t going to go down as their finest moment, but then again, they’re paparazzi. We guess they’re not that interested in playing nice with others.

With Jazmine & Danielle’s arrival at the U-Turn, their decision not to U-Turn anyone effectively means that the opportunity will go unused for this leg. Considering how much chatter there was about the damn thing, this feels pretty anticlimactic.

But wait! Someone does use the U-Turn after all! While Jazmine & Danielle are regretting not using the U-Turn for the cheerleaders since the Pit Stop was only virtual, Tiffany & Krista are… U-Turning #TheGreenTeam. “We said we would!” Seriously. They seriously think there’s a possibility that they could be ahead of Justin & Diana. The cheerleaders continue to get a brutal edit, but it’s one of their own making.

Over at the gorge, Kelsey and James Earl have successfully completed the Roadblock with whoops and hollers. #TheReporters are #TeamAlabama will both be doing the crocodile challenge.


It’s time for Justin & Diana to canoe, but since there are elephants in the area, Diana is a little distracted. Eventually, they get their boat in the water and get started, only to realize that there are crocodiles swimming around here, and hippos, too. Tanner & Josh figure that they’ll just “paddle over” the creatures, and they also assume that they’ll easily pass up #TheGreenTeam because they are manly alpha males, while Justin & Diana are not.

What they don’t realize is that Justin used to teach small boat canoeing and Diana used to row in high school, so they’re really confident on the water. “They don’t have very good technique,” Diana says of the jocks. Meanwhile, Tanner & Josh are clearly showing their frustration as they watch #TheGreenTeam outperform them once again. They bicker at each other about how to paddle. How is it that these guys keep getting hoist by their own petard?

Speaking of bickering, #TheCheapskates are sniping back and forth at each other. “We’re only beating cheerleaders and track stars,” says Logan in an irritated tone. Then, as they run to the clue box, she causes Chris to trip. “You almost knocked me down!” he whines.

After #ChacAttack and #TheCheapskates get their clue, they all jump into their taxis for some reason, even though the sign clearly points to the gorge as being within walking distance. Both taxi drivers look at them like they’re nuts, but the players are convinced they must need to go somewhere else.

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