The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 5 Recap

King of the Jungle

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 26, 2015

So long, team that isn't The Green Team or Team Texas.

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But there are some other teams, apparently, and we head back to the giraffe painting area from last week to meet up with the groups that are still working there. Cindy & Rick receive their clue and are now headed to the Pit Stop, followed by Logan & Chris and Jazmine & Danielle. Last week, we knew that Kelsey & Joey and Denise & James Earl were already on their way, so we’re left with the cheerleaders bringing up the rear as per usual.

Speaking of #TeamAlabama, they check in with Phil as Team #3 and are thrilled when they learn that the Express Pass has been bequeathed to them. Denise has a “We Got the Express Pass” dance, which is about as horrifying as you might expect.

Justin & Diana have arrived at the next clue box, which announces a Roadblock by asking “Who wants to gorge themselves?” Justin is up to the challenge. They’re at the Zambisi River, where they’ll repeat the very first Amazing Race challenge ever – swinging out over the gorge (get it? Ha ha!). When Tanner & Josh show up, the challenge goes to Josh since he’s not afraid of heights. Amusingly, they check their heart rate monitors before Josh goes. Josh’s is beating at 110, but Tanner’s is 120.


Naturally, Justin loves every moment and comes out of it with a big smile on his face. The moment he finishes, Josh walks up to him to shake his hand in appreciation of Justin and Diana staying true to their word. (Tanner is annoyed by this, of course.) There’s not a moment to waste, because #TheGreenTeam receives their next clue for a Detour – Crocs or Canoes.

Phil describes “Crocs” for us from an underwater cage where he’s hanging out with reptiles. Teams will have to feed three crocs a meal. If they get out alive, they’ll receive their next clue. For Canoe, teams will have to paddle down the Zambisi River, a place populated with some intimidating wildlife. Eventually, they’ll reach a buzzard’s nest, and one team member will have to hoist the other one up to retrieve the next clue.

It seems like Crocs is faster though perhaps not easier, but Justin & Diana choose to canoe.

#TeamAlabama and #TheReporters have both arrived at the Gorge, and James Earl and Kelsey will be taking on the challenge for their teams. Josh hopes that he won’t scream like a girl when he jumps, but he sort of does. He comments that he feels like his heart stopped twice while he was hurtling through the air, but it was an amazing experience. We should note here that Tanner says if he had taken this challenge, they’d probably be going home because there’s no way he could do it.

#TeamTexas chooses to canoe. We suppose we’re missing something in the nuance of the Detour. Or perhaps people are afraid of crocodiles.

Back at the Pit Stop, Cindy & Rick are checked in as team#5. When #ThePaparazzi arrive at the U-Turn, Logan panics and says, “I can’t think about this now!” Neither team chooses to U-Turn anyone.

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