The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 5 Recap

King of the Jungle

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 26, 2015

So long, team that isn't The Green Team or Team Texas.

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This allows the track stars to get to the gorge ahead of them. Eventually, #ChacAttack figures out they screwed up, and they turn around. #TheCheapskates also realize how stupid they were for blindly following them. I mean, seriously. Even the cheerleaders didn’t make this mistake.

Although Cindy & Rick are able to laugh at themselves, #TheCheapskates are pitching a fit. They’re furious to be in last place and say, “We’re done.” Well, you’re moments behind the cheerleaders, so that seems unlikely, but it certainly hasn’t been your best day. In fact, it’s been a bad 20 minutes.

It’s an easy, breezy canoe trip to the clue for Justin & Diana, which is just aggravating Tanner & Josh completely. It’s also easier for Justin to hoist Diana to the buzzard’s nest for her clue since she’s lighter. “I guess I should have gone on that diet,” says Tanner.

“Yeah,” says Josh, breathlessly.

Now it’s back to the canoes, which is bad news for the guys. In fact, Tanner smacks Josh right in the face with his paddle. Hilarious.

While Kelsey & Joey are preparing to go into the crocodile cage, Denise & James Earl walk up and say, “We’d like to use our Express Pass.” To say that Kelsey & Joey are annoyed is underselling it.


“Giving it to Denise & James Earl, we’re fine with that. I mean, we would have liked it,” says Joey, all sour-grapesy. Even so, Croc is an easy challenge as predicted. They’ve fed the reptiles in a matter of minutes. Really, changing into the gear and getting into the water is the most time consuming part of the challenge.

Cindy has a blast jumping into the gorge, while Chris of #TeamCheapskate continues his bitching. After he jumps, Logan leans in and says, “Oh, good. He didn’t die.” We’re not actually certain she’s sincere.

Justin & Diana have arrived at the next clue, which tells them they’ll be walking with lions. This looks absolutely magnificent. They’ll be walking along a path with big cats that are being cared for in order to help them get acclimated back into the wild. As they walk, they’ll need to find their next clue hidden somewhere along the way.

Note that Denise & James Earl have just arrived behind Justin & Diana even with the Express Pass. Because these two leading teams are out on the walk, #TheReporters and #TeamTexas are forced to wait their turn to go out.

All of the remaining teams are now at the crocodile challenge, which makes Chris freak out because they’re in last place. He suggests that they need to switch to the other challenge, which is stupid because the croc challenge is much faster than canoeing (Kelsey & Joey were able to get ahead of #TeamTexas, after all). Eventually, Logan tells Chris to stop griping about it, but he complains until he convinces her to change clothes to go canoe. When they realize how quickly the crocodile challenge goes, though, they stay and feed to reptiles.

We’re back over at the lion walk, and both #TheGreenTeam and #TeamAlabama have no trouble realizing that their clue is hidden in an elephant skull along the trail. This clue – at last! – directs them to the Masuwe Private Game Reserve for the Pit Stop. Teams must bring two baskets of fruit to the mat in order to be checked in – by balancing them on their head. Justin doesn’t have good balance, so he’s freaked out about this. In fact, the two lead teams are participating in what James Earl calls the slowest foot race ever. Either way, first and second place are pretty obvious – it’s just a matter of which one gets a prize.

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