Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 14 Recap - Part 2

It's a Fickle, Fickle Game

May 28, 2015

I could use a few more of these.

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Hello, good people. Are you ready for an explosive Survivor finale? I sure hope so, because it's time to put a bow on Survivor: Worlds Apart. When last we hung out, Sierra was sent packing at the Final 5. This leaves Mike, Rodney, Will and Carolyn to fight it out for the title of Sole Survivor. Two of these people deserve to win the game, one could make an argument and the other is Will.

When we come back from the Sierra ouster, Day 38 is upon us and the final immunity challenge is set up and waiting The last challenge of Survivor Worlds Apart is a rough one. They'll start by untying knots to open a gate. Once through, they'll have to climb a staircase of about 65 steps (my best count from a paused DVR screen) and collect a key. They'll slide down a huge water slide where they'll have to take their key into a multi-level obstacle course. In the course will be locks to unlock. These hold puzzle pieces. They'll get their bag of pieces through the maze and put it on the table and then head back up again. They will do this three times in all and then use their pieces to stack on top of each other to form a lighthouse. First person to build their lighthouse wins immunity and guarantees himself a spot in the final tribal council. Let's draw for spots and get going!

Not a shock at all, but Mike is the first one through the gate, up the stairs and down the slide. Carolyn and Will are right behind, with Rodney lagging a bit on the knots. To his credit, Rodney makes up a bunch of time on the steps and is right with Carolyn and Will. Mike, though, is on the stairs again while they're all getting their first bag. By the time they get to the top of the steps, Rodney is comfortably in second place trailing Mike by a decent margin. By the time he hits the stairs for the third time, even Mike is dragging.


Rodney actually takes the stairs pretty well, but Mike is on his way down the slide before Rodney gets to the top. Will has fallen out of the challenge. Mike places his first piece while Rod and Carolyn open their bags. Carolyn actually ties Mike with two pieces, while Will has finally gotten to the puzzle and Rodney is baffled by it. Mike continues to place pieces, but so does Carolyn. Around the fifth piece, though, Mike pulls away and captures his fifth immunity challenge to lock up his spot at the Final Tribal Council.

And in a first, as the challenge ends, Rodney has some words for Will, telling him how well he did. Will echoes it by saying that it's important for people to know that you may fail but as long as you give it your all, that's what counts. Mike comes over, puts an arm around both guys and calls in Carolyn and they have a huge final four hug. And then Will asks Jeff if he can put the necklace on Mike. Honestly, this was a genuine moment that you don't see much of on this show. These four people left it all on the challenge field and there was nothing but a circle of respect for all of them. This exhausted and this far into the game, they could do nothing other than support each other and congratulate each other on jobs well done. It was actually a touching moment in what has been a pretty ugly season.

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