Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 14 Recap - Part 2

It's a Fickle, Fickle Game

May 28, 2015

I could use a few more of these.

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Sierra gets up and acknowledges that we have each collar in the finals. She asks Will what traits of the others he wishes he had in his game. He goes on about Mike's work ethic, but he didn't like his approach. He liked how Carolyn took time to analyze everything before she put it in motion. No questions for other two.

Jenn steps up and lets the final three know that she has no qualms with any of them, but she wants to talk to the jury. "Half of you are the most bitter people I've ever met in my life and angry at people that played better than you. You are all SO mad at Mike for...playing." She goes on to tell them that it's about Outwit, Outplay and Outlast and Mike was the only one to do that. If they're really the fans they say they are, there's only one vote to make tonight. The end!

But wait, it's not the end. We still have Dan and Shirin to get to. This should be fun. First up is Dan. He goes all the way back to Colby to say that winning challenges doesn't guarantee that you win the game. He goes on to rip Mike as "not caring" about the jury. All he cared about was getting to the end. And he damn well better care about them tonight. And that he had to say. He goes to sit down.


Mike then asks Jeff if he can say something to Dan. Sure, why the hell not? He tells Dan that his one regret in the game was losing Dan's trust. He went back on his word at the auction and for that he is truly sorry. He hopes that sometime they can mend things and become friends again. So Dan, who is already sitting down again, asks if he can go back up there. Again, sure! The inmates are already running the asylum; let's drag this out some more! "That is...the most genuine thing you have said to me since the auction." And then he goes on to say if they're "man enough" they'll be able to mend those fences. For crying out loud man, you act like he slept with your wife or shot your dog. Dude tried to pull one over on you. In a game. For a million dollars. I mean, that's great...I hope they can mend fences, but stop with the melodramatic bullshit with a guy that you didn't even know 40 days ago. Maybe I need to be the bigger man.

Anyway, speaking of melodrama, on to Shirin. Shirin starts by saying that she was hoping both Will and Mike would be in the final. She says that through her argument with Will, she was taken back to a deep dark place from her childhood and that she stood up for herself finally and didn't need a protector. However, she had one anyway, in Mike. She says that she never had a parent or a good enough friend to come and save her. But Mike, Mike came running into camp to save her. She says THAT was a million dollar moment for her. She follows that up by letting everyone know that she made her first million by the time she was 25 years old and "that moment felt SO much better and meant SO much more to me."

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