Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 14 Recap - Part 2

It's a Fickle, Fickle Game

May 28, 2015

I could use a few more of these.

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She then drops the bomb that this doesn't mean that Mike has her vote. She goes on to tell the jury that this is all about the games each person played, so Carolyn is still in it. She goes on to compare each player to an animal from their region. Mike is the howler monkey - loud and stuff. And Mike had a hand in voting everyone onto the jury, except her. Carolyn is like the stingray - stealthy and hidden, but will jump out and get you. She, unlike Mike, was on the right side of every vote. And Will, he is the dead fish they dragged in with their nets. He did nothing because no one made him do anything. If you bite into the dead fish, like most of the tribe did, you get poisoned from within. Everyone wanted to take Will to the end, so he didn't have to do anything. She encourages them again to look at each person's game before they vote. Then she quotes Sue Hawk from Season 1. And I got nothing else to say about that. Let's get to the vote. Please.

We only see three votes. We see Jenn's vote for Mike saying that Carolyn and Will did nothing, and Mike 150,000% deserves this money and title. We see Rodney's vote for Will saying that they always kept it real and that he hopes everyone gets to see what a great person he is. We see Sierra's vote for Carolyn saying that she really feels like Mama C played the best complete game. And then there's Dan struggling to decide who to vote for. Banging his head on the table as he agonizes. Seriously, dude...the game is over. Can we just get on with it? Ya know, I wouldn't be so hard on Dan if he didn't admit at the beginning and reiterate at the end that one of his goals was to be memorable. Just stop it already and write down a name.

Eventually Dan DOES write down a name and Jeff takes the voting urn and disappears off the Tribal Council set. Then he reappears on the live stage and prepares to read the votes and crown a champion. Let's get to it. First vote is Jenn's vote for Mike. Second vote is Rodney's vote for Will. Third vote is Sierra's vote for Carolyn. Fourth vote comes up Mike. Fifth vote comes up Mike. The winner of Survivor: Worlds Apart - Mike Holloway! YES!!!


There was no one this season more deserving of winning the game than Mike. I'd have been all right with a Carolyn win because she played a VERY good game as well. I just prefer what Mike did from day one. He made one catastrophic mistake that almost cost him everything, but he persevered and came out on top. I feel compelled to mention that I did, in fact, predict Mike as the winner of this season in my three-part Season Preview. So, I'm now one for 30 in picking Survivor winners. WOO HOO!!!

I want to thank everyone for coming on this ride with me this season. I really enjoyed the season, despite not enjoying some of the people on the season. But players like Mike, Jenn, Carolyn, Tyler, Hali and Joe made this season a success in my book and I can't wait to see the mayhem caused by the 20 Second Chancers that were announced at the Live Reunion. And while we're talking about Second Chance - I have to mention here that Shane Powers got screwed. If there was anyone that should have been back for this, it was Shane. America clearly got it wrong by putting in someone like Woo over Shane. Anyway, that's all I got. Until Second Chances starts up in the fall, thanks for reading and take care everybody!

For questions, comments, complaints, I can always be reached at: @vannestjc on Twitter and at vannestjc(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks again!

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