Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 14 Recap - Part 2

It's a Fickle, Fickle Game

May 28, 2015

I could use a few more of these.

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Up next is Hali. She asks Carolyn about how being thrown into the "mother" role was a disadvantage. Carolyn says that they're all so much younger than her, so it was easy to fall into that mother role. She just hopes they all saw the strategy she used in the game and how hard she fought in all the challenges and how that all helped her get to the end.

Rodney's up next and this is starting off to be the quickest final Tribal in history. Rod starts off by calling Will his BB, Best Buddy, and then asks him how he stayed true to himself out there. Will says that he knew he would be an underdog. He didn't have the game knowledge or challenge prowess to win, so he did what he had to do, which was build relationships. He goes on to say that while some people may not respect that as game play, it was all he had and it worked out for him as you don't get to the finals with only luck. As much of a hard time as I've given Will (deserved, of course), this is actually a pretty good answer for the type of game he played. Every season, it seems, someone ends up in the end with this kind of game. He actually did a good job explaining it and trying to take away the negativity associated with the "coattail" game.

Rodney then asks Carolyn what power moves she made to get to the end, because he's confused on what she did to get there. She brings up the Tyler vote. She says that she knew she would lose the game if she was sitting next to Tyler at the end. She says the Dan vote was also in there as everyone else voted for her. Mike was a contingency plan and when her "alliance" turned on her, she used that contingency plan and got out the last three people. Those were her power moves. Rodney, like Hali before him, had nothing for Mike.


Tyler is up next and he starts with Mike. He wants to know what Mike brought to the table in the social game. He says that all he saw was someone running around paranoid and poisoning everything he touched. Mike gives possibly the worst possible answer to this question. Instead of insisting that it's not paranoia if they're really out to get you and mentioning the conversations he overheard, instead of pointing out that he was dead on right with all of his intuitions he goes with the ole "my social game wasn't that good and I suck" answer. Bad form, Mike. Own the game you played. You played circles around everyone out there and it's okay to say that.

Tyler moves to Carolyn and talks about how he protected her for 30 days and that he's gutted by what she did to him. What can she do to redeem herself in his eyes? She says that she felt terrible about voting him out and she knows she hurt him. She says that sometimes the game of Survivor makes you do things you're not proud of, but without them, you end up on the jury.

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