Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 14 Recap

It's a Fickle, Fickle Game - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest

May 25, 2015

It's kind of sad that someone who didn't do much of anything probably was the biggest threat.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Survivor Night! We've spent 13 weeks watching the good, the bad and the ugly (mostly ugly, it would seem) of Survivor Worlds Apart and it all ends tonight! A Sole Survivor will be crowned and a million dollars handed out. And before the ink dries on the winner's check, Season 31 will officially begin.

This is gonna be a long night and a long recap - we all know I'm ridiculously wordy. So, let's set the table and get this thing rolling. After Dan's ouster, we're down to five. Mike has to win out if he really wants a shot at the million. Mama C has one freebie Tribal unless Mike wins immunity. If he does, she's toast.

Rodney, and I can't believe I'm typing this, actually has an argument in a final Tribal. He's not a mastermind. He's not actually even a very good player. But things have gone his way (reward challenges excluded), and he's still not being targeted as a threat.

Sierra could win the game. But she would have to go to the finals with Rodney and Will, and I think she has to win immunities to get there. She has no resume right now and some immunity wins that could lead to Mike and Carolyn's ousters could help her win.

Will has no chance of winning this game at all. In fact, I'll suggest that Will has no chance to even get a vote, regardless of who the final three are. He's done nothing in the game but be dragged to the end. He seriously crossed the line with Shirin and the jury is largely made up of people that are all #TeamShirin.


Previews for tonight's show have not given us a whole lot to look forward to, other than five people who all think they deserve to win and are prepared to do what they can to prove it!

The episode begins with a Live Probst Sighting as he introduces us to the Live Finale audience. Once he kicks it to the show, we get the typical Survivor finale opening where Jeff takes some extra time to break down the entire game and get us all ready for the huge two-hour finale.

The actual finale starts after Tribal back at camp and Carolyn is thrilled at her decision to play her idol and send Dan packing. She quickly asks Will if he voted for Dan and he tells her he didn't. The alliance (including Carolyn) heads to the beach, leaving Mike in camp alone. "And there's still four going out there. How is that even possible? We gotta get Mike out."

He makes a great point here. Her alliance just turned on her, and Carolyn is right back to the beach to talk strategy with them. Huh? Mike is shocked, we're all shocked. It makes no sense. Mike does tell us that he feels all alone. Dude, you are. We join the conversation on the beach and Rodney is questioning why Carolyn didn't tell them she had the idol. He says that shows mistrust. "You all voted for me," is the reply. She tells them that only one person didn't vote for her. She tells us that she saw who her friends are and that Mike had her back. But Mike doesn't have the numbers so she has to keep in good with the alliance so if/when Mike loses, he's still the one to go home. They throw hands in, "1-2-3 Final Four." Amazing. Roll the theme!

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