Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 14 Recap

It's a Fickle, Fickle Game - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest

May 25, 2015

It's kind of sad that someone who didn't do much of anything probably was the biggest threat.

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We come back from break to an official Probst sighting! Whoa, we're having a reward challenge in the finale. Cool. Today's challenge starts with a net crawl which will lead to a table where they'll slide a bunch of numerical tiles. Once all tiles are through, they will need to stack them on a machete and cross a teeter totter to get them to a platform. There they will need to pair them up by the design on the back. When all pairs are completed, there will be three lone tiles. The numbers on the other side will make a combination that will unlock a flag. First to unlock the flag wins reward.

And the reward today is love from home. And here come the loved ones and the tears. Our family members include Carolyn's husband, Mike's mom, Rodney's dad (who he keeps calling "bro"), Sierra's dad and Will's wife. There are lots of tears, and everyone's proud. Now, let's get to the challenge. The winner of the challenge will bring their loved one back to camp, where they will hang out and spend the night. Also, they will receive an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Now, last season's advantage was earned by Keith and he got to practice the challenge all day long. It was a HUGE advantage as no one was even close to beating him in that challenge. It'll be interesting to see if they learned anything from that and toned down the advantage a little.


The challenge starts and in a shocker, Will is the first one out of the net crawl. He must really want some quality time. Everyone reaches the sliding table and Will, Rodney and Mike start to pull away. Mike is the first one to get all the tiles and he makes quick work of getting the first stack to the table. Will has his first stack but twice in a row drops tiles and has to go back. Sierra and Rodney have caught up to the balance beam portion as Will face plants and has to start over. Rodney gets his first stack up there at the same time Mike gets the last of his tiles completed. He is starting to pair them up.

Sierra gets all of her tiles to the table as Mike tries a couple different combinations that are wrong. Mike tries a third time and it is wrong again! Sierra is now working on the combination, but Mike is just too far ahead. His fourth try is the winner, and Mike wins Reward! In a strange twist, Mike is not given the choice of giving his reward to anyone or sharing it with anyone. Mike and his mom will head back to camp and in the morning, they'll travel to the site of the next challenge where an advantage will be waiting for them. Mike is super stoked for the advantage, but even more thrilled to be spending some time with his mom.

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