Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 14 Recap

It's a Fickle, Fickle Game - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest

May 25, 2015

It's kind of sad that someone who didn't do much of anything probably was the biggest threat.

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Mike doesn't really care who goes home. He is concerned with whether or not anyone will agree to take him past the final four if he loses immunity. He tells Carolyn directly that he is not writing her name down. Sierra tells him that she will definitely write down Rodney's name. She tells us that is exactly what she plans to do. Mike tells them that he doesn't want to sit in the end with a bunch of coat tail riders. He wants to sit with players. He would be just fine with Carolyn and Sierra in the final with him.

And now it's time for Rodney's pitch. They small talk about who to vote out and Mike tells Rodney that the girls are coming for him. As they go for a walk, Rodney tells us that he will not kiss Mike's butt (like the girls did) and he's just gonna lay it out there. He tells Mike that the jury thinks he's an ass and they all like Sierra. Rodney tells Mike that Will will vote with him and if Mike wants to join them, Sierra can go home and they'll go all the way to the final three. Mike tells us that he has two final three deals right now and he needs to figure out which one is the better deal for him. The vote tonight could be a million dollar mistake.

So we get to Tribal and the comedy starts as soon as the jury walks in. You know that the first thing they look for is who has the necklace. So, when they see it is Mike, Shirin is giddy and Dan is just pissed. He's out of the game and Mike is still in it and winning and it's eating Dan alive.

Jeff starts with Mike and asks him if he's the swing vote. He says he definitely is the swing vote but the hard part is that he doesn't trust any of them. Rodney says that he knows it's between him and Sierra tonight but that he swore on his sister and that he plans to honor that. Sierra admits that she knows she's on the block. Jeff asks her what her plea is to stay. She says that she's pretty much been second to Mike in challenges and playing hard. Jeff interrupts to ask her if that's a reason to keep her or vote her out. She tries to explain it as a reason to keep her, something about deserving to be there - but I don't really get it. Even Jeff says the thought should be more like - I'm not a threat to win anything, so you should keep me.


Mike says it's been weird to watch the alliance keep weaker players to take to the end while voting out the people that deserve to be there. He says that the only way he can stay in the game is to keep winning. "It sure is," Will chimes in. He continues to say that if Mike doesn't win immunity tomorrow, he'll be sorry. Um, Will...did you miss that part where you and Rodney and Mike were going to vote together based on a final three agreement? When you say that, why would Mike stick with you tonight? Dumbass.

Jeff asks Sierra about what she thinks will happen. She thinks her name will get written down tonight, but she wants to stay there. Rodney says that conversations he had today were genuine and that they should get to the vote. I agree.

We see Rodney's vote for "Ciara" saying that they've been together for 37 days, but he just outwitted her. We see Sierra's vote for Rodney with no comments. Jeff tallies the votes and they come up: Ciara, Rodney, Sierra...14th person voted out and seventh member of the jury, Sierra. When all was said and done, everyone voted Sierra, including Carolyn. And while I think Carolyn has a great shot to win this game, I agree with Mike that getting rid of Sierra was the right way to go. In each of the last three challenges, Sierra has been right on his heels. Winning the final four immunity is his only shot at this and he HAS to get rid of the person that poses the biggest threat in the challenge. It wouldn't have done him any good to get rid of Carolyn, who might beat him at the final tribal, if Sierra wins the final challenge.

That'll do it for Part 1 of the finale. I'll be back shortly with Part 2 and we'll find out the winner of Survivor 30: Worlds Apart. If you want to holler at me or tell me how awesome I can do it on the Twitter: @vannestjc. Thanks and take care!

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