Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 14 Recap

It's a Fickle, Fickle Game - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest

May 25, 2015

It's kind of sad that someone who didn't do much of anything probably was the biggest threat.

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They get back to camp and Mike is so very excited to have his mom there. They discuss how much weight he's lost and how he looks better than she expected him to. And then he steals her away from the group so they can have some alone talking time down in the water. He tells her how the game has been going and how he's all alone out there. He tells her how so many people were there to play the game.

She tells us that she is only there to help him in any way she can. Mike goes on to tell us how much it is helping to have someone there to talk to that he knows he can trust. The next morning, Mike and Mama head to the immunity challenge site, where they come upon a huge maze. There is a table there with a note. The note tells them that the next challenge will see them blindfolded and they'll need to find medallions and eventually the immunity necklace. The advantage is that he has 30 minutes to practice, with Mama's help. We get a montage of them working it out. Mama is getting frustrated because she feels like she's not helping him. As we head to break, she tells us that she's sad that she wasn't able to help him with this challenge, and she just hopes she didn't hurt him. I guess we'll see!

The aerial shot of this maze as we head up to the Probst Sighting is incredible. This thing is huge. Like, I'd bet it's taken them the better part of the 36 days they've been there to build this thing. Anyway, Jeff explains the challenge. There are four medallions (north, south, east, and west) to be collected. Once all four medallions are collected, they have to find the immunity necklace...all while blindfolded. There are guideposts along the way to assist.


It doesn't take too long before Mike finds his first medallion. A couple minutes later Sierra finds her first. Shortly after that, Mike and Rodney find themselves at the same table collecting a medallion. Mike then finds #3, while Rodney finds #2. And then Rodney helps Sierra and Will find the medallion. Carolyn gets in on it and it's essentially everyone against Mike. While everyone else struggles, Mike finds the fourth medallion and makes his way to the center guidepost. Before anyone else can even find another medallion, Mike finds the immunity necklace and for the fourth time in five challenges, Mike wins immunity! As we head to commercial, Mike tells us he's thrilled to have immunity again and he seems to be enjoying playing the game with his back against the wall.

The tribe gets back to camp and it's time to play "It's Anyone but Carolyn." Mike heads out to get wood, because that's what he does. He gets wood. All the time. Anyway, Carolyn and Sierra head out with him and they decide it's time to get rid of Rodney. He's miserable and does nothing around camp and even Will does more than him.

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