The Amazing Race 26 Recap

Smells Like a Million Bucks

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 13, 2015

Raise your glass if you just joined the mile high club.

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We have another team headed to the Pitstop. This time, it’s Matt & Ashley, which means that so far, the zipline task seems to be much faster than the perfume one. Although Jeff is terrified of the walk back across the line, Jackie is shockingly speedy. They’re on their way to the Pitstop now as well.

Finally, the sniffer at the perfume challenge has something to smile about, because Steve & Aly have gotten their perfume and cologne correct, and Tyler & Laura, Hayley & Blair and Mike & Rochelle are all right behind them.

On their way down the hill, both Hayley & Blair and Mike & Rochelle stop to ask for directions to the Plage de Passable. Jenny & Jelani consult their map. Basically, this is a mad dash between all the teams, who are all in their cars and rushing to the Plage.

Although Jelani & Jenny used their map, apparently they took a wrong turn somewhere and are forced to ask a human being for directions. Jenny gripes at him until she finally tells Jelani that she needs to focus and they can discuss it later (which is code for “I have to figure out how you were wrong and I wasn’t).


Finally, it’s Pitstop time, and the first team to arrive is… Hayley & Blair. Is it a coincidence that they win the leg where she’s not picking at him the entire time? Their prize is a trip for two to South Africa. We hope for Blair’s sake that they’re not required to take it together.

Moments behind in second place are Steve & Aly and Mike & Rochelle. Phil, hopeful for an interesting story from their blind date teams, asks the two dating couples if there is love between Hayley & Blair. Aly replies that they “look good” together, and Hayley says that they have “friendship chemistry.”

It’s actually one of those rare editing jobs where we really don’t know who’s going to finish last. The teams are all that close. Matt & Ashley take fourth place, followed by Jelani & Jenny and Laura & Tyler. The latter team receives the date night, which gives Phil more opportunity to ask about sparks. The two blind date teams are evasive in their reply, though.

That means that Jackie & Jeff get the sad music as they arrive in last place. Surprisingly, it’s not a non-elimination leg (no, The Amazing Race is apparently going to reserve those for teams that are a million years behind). Jackie cries, but they are full of compliments for each other. She says, “I’m gonna give him my number.” It’s not the sauciest thing she’s given him.

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