The Amazing Race 26 Recap

Smells Like a Million Bucks

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 13, 2015

Raise your glass if you just joined the mile high club.

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Looks like everyone is bunched after all, because the clothing will not be ready until the morning. So much plane drama for nothing.

We learn that Monaco is really the home of the 1%, as the island is home to more millionaires per capita than any other country, even though it’s the second smallest at only one square mile. Once the helicopters land, the clue leads to a Roadblock that asks, “Who wants to treat their partner?” The task will allow the person performing it to spoil their teammate by giving them two romantic gifts – roses and chocolates.

These two items were particular favorites of Grace Kelly (a particular favorite of ours), who was Princess of Monaco. The roses are even named after her. The person doing the roadblock must traipse through the town to a couple of shops, where they’ll find the required items (though if the island is only one square mile, how hard can this really be?). Once they retrieve the items, they’ll go find their partner on a luxury yacht in the Monaco harbor.

Steve and Mike take the task for their team, while Jenny, Hayley and Laura will be doing the wooing for the blind date duos. Steve finds the roses pretty easily, while Mike is complaining about the heat in his suit. Jenny and Laura are teaming up and using a map. Hayley notes that Blair did most of the work for them on the previous leg (not to his face, of course) and complains that her fancy shoes are giving her blisters.

Jackie is performing the Roadblock for her team, while Matt is the final person on the task. That means that all of the dating teams have the guy searching for chocolates and roses, while it’s 100% girls for the blind daters.


Steve is the first person to find his date on the luxury yacht, so he and Aly are now given a clue that sends them to the Casino de Monte Carlo, where they will presumably run into James Bond and Le Chiffre. Or maybe just Sterling Archer.

Amusingly, Jenny admits that when she picked her chocolates, she chose flavors that she would enjoy since she assumed she’d be eating them. Jelani laughs at this good-naturedly. Jackie also chooses the chocolates she’d like to eat.

Mike is struggling to find the yacht, and he goes to the wrong quay. He’s going to have to go to the other side of the island (but again, we’re not talking about a big island). By the time he arrives at the right boat, his chocolates are pretty nasty.

Steve & Aly are at the casino, and they will go to the roulette wheel to determine which side of the Detour they must perform. If it lands on red, they’ll go to “Don’t Slack Off.” Black will send them to “Win by a Nose.” No matter which one they land on, they’ll have to pick up a car of a particular make and model that we will not mention here from the valet. Steve & Aly get “Win by a Nose,” and they are driving to a church.

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