The Amazing Race 26 Recap

Smells Like a Million Bucks

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 13, 2015

Raise your glass if you just joined the mile high club.

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Laura and Jenny have found the yacht and Jelani and Tyler bow before them and say, “We’re not worthy.” Jenny humorously thrusts the “treats” at Jelani and says, “Here’s your damn roses and here’s your chocolates!” Blair isn’t far behind, and it looks like Matt will almost catch up to Jackie.

Mike & Rochelle spin the roulette wheel and get “”Win by a Nose., as do Tyler and Laura (who has Jenny’s map)” Jenny & Jelani get “Don’t Slack Off. Mike has basically sweated through his suit, but he and Rochelle get directions to their next location and are on their way. She proclaims the chocolates to be the best she’s ever had.

Realizing that their map is missing, Jenny quizzes Jelani over where it could be, which leads Tyler & Laura to go inside so they can look at the map covertly. Jelani has trouble driving the stick shift, so Jenny takes over.

Hayley & Blair get “Win by a Nose,” while Steve & Aly are lost and also stuck in traffic. A nice police officer tells them that they’re not far from the church, so they park in something that presumably is a parking spot and hoof it.

Back at the casino, Jeff & Jackie and Matt & Ashley both spin the roulette wheel and receive “Don’t Slack Off” as their Detour assignment.


It’s bad news for Steve & Aly, as they are at the wrong church. They return to their car and try to get back on track. Mike & Rochelle will be first to arrive at their “Win by a Nose” Detour, which requires them to formulate a signature perfume and cologne under the guidance of Fragonard Parfumeur. They have to use 12 essences per fragrance in order to match the original recipe as closely as possible. Once they’ve done this to the satisfaction of the designated “smeller,” they will receive their next clue.

Jelani & Jenny find their location next. For “Don’t Slack Off,” the teams will have to be daredevils, ziplining 2,000 feet above the city. They then have to move the slack line back again. Matt & Ashley are also pulling in to the zipline location.

Over at the church, Laura & Tyler and Hayley & Blair are all performing the “scent” task. Hayley & Blair are feeling really good about this one because they were both chemistry minors in college. They are getting along shockingly well this leg. The task is challenging for other racers, because some of the scents are unlabeled and they’re having to distinguish which one is which purely with their noses. All the odors are running together for people like Mike & Rochelle and Laura & Tyler.

Jenny & Jelani have thoroughly enjoyed their zipline task and receive a clue sending them to the Pitstop at the Plage de Passable.

Back over at the Parfumeur, Mike & Rochelle get one of their concoctions correct, but the other one is wrong. Tyler & Laura get theirs wrong (after calling Mike & Rochelle a really weak team, by the way).

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