Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 8

Keep it Real

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 9, 2015

Yeah, I still think we've got them outnumbered.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to the eighth episode of Survivor Worlds Apart. First off, CBS has announced that Wednesday, May 20th will be the two hour (three, if you count the reunion) finale for this season. Which means we're right at the halfway point of the season. Already. I know! Previously on Survivor, we merged. Battle lines were drawn between the No Collars and the Blue Collars, with the White Collars floating out there as swinger/key party votes. Shirin wasted no time hitching her wagon to No Collar, while Tyler and Carolyn took a little more to decide which side of the fence they wanted to land on.

Wisely, the Blue Collars targeted Joe as the first post-merge boot, but he went and screwed it all up by winning immunity! So, they slid their votes over to Jenn. Jenn and her No Collars did not appreciate being lied to by Kelly and decided she was the least trustworthy and needed to go first. Out of nowhere, Will jumped ship to the Blue Collars and when Tyler and Mama C joined with the Blues, there was a decisive 7-4-1 (don't even make me try to explain why they wanted Will to vote for Hali) victory.

Not so fast... Jenn wisely played her hidden immunity idol and in a reversal of fortune, Kelly was sent home from the Blue Collars and Jenn lives to surf another day. I pointed out last week that while this was awesome TV, if everyone just "sticks to the plan," the Pagonging of the No Collars should commence this week.


But wait, the previews seem to suggest that Rodney doesn't like the direction things are going under Mike's leadership and maybe it's time for a new captain. And now that an idol was played, it dawns on everyone that no one ever found the Blue Collar idol, so it is full blown idol fever around camp. It has been hinted that the idol is found...but by whom, we do not know. Oh yeah, and they named their merge tribe Merica. *shakes head* Let’s get to tonight's action, shall we?

As you would expect, we begin at the Merica camp right after Tribal. Everyone is complimenting Jenn on the play but Rodney is not pleased. He's pissed that Mike changed the vote from Hali to Jenn and that Kelly paid the price for it. He pulls Will aside and asks him to stay with him. Will points out he was the only one who went with the Hali plan. Rod tells him that Mike thinks he's running the show, so just let him run it. Once the No Collars and Shirin are gone, Rod, Will and the Whites will take out the rest of the Blues at seven.

Mike is sitting with the No Collars talking about what a great play it was for Jenn. She tells us that she and the No Collars were loving it, while everyone else was feeling bad for Kelly. "Who gives a sh#%?" Jenn hopes that her little band of four can continue to screw up plans for everyone else as she has to be entertained one way or another.

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