Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 8

Keep it Real

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 9, 2015

Yeah, I still think we've got them outnumbered.

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Day 21 dawns at the Merica camp. Right about first light, Tyler is awake and seems to be waiting for Joe. When Joe wakes up, he goes to get Tyler and does some sign language about washing dishes, because Mike is seemingly asleep in the chair next to Tyler. As it turns out, Mike isn't asleep and he starts to "spy vs spy" through the trees and bushes, keeping an eye on Joe and Tyler. They get to the watering hole and read the clue. Within minutes, Mike shows up, having seen what they were doing. Tyler isn't sure what all Mike saw, but kinda feels like he has no choice but to fess up. So a little later, he tells Mike Joe found the clue and what the clue said. And this begins the mad dash for an idol.

Everyone is around camp trying to figure out where Joe is. He is nowhere to be found. So, everyone heads out trying to find Joe. Mike is freaking out that he has to find this idol. He says that he honestly feels that if Joe doesn't have a little something in his pocket at the next Tribal Council, he's the next to go. So, he is desperately trying to find Joe. He finally catches up with Joe but is able to stay hidden. He never sees Joe find anything or even act like he found anything.


Joe heads back to camp and is in the water with pretty much everyone around and Mike comes down, congratulating him for finding the idol, right out in front of everyone. He gives him a big hug and tells him good job and all this. So, Mike has everyone convinced that Joe has the idol. We see Joe talking to Hali and telling her that he does NOT have the idol. But now that everyone thinks he does, they'll stop looking and he can kinda lay back and just act like he has it. Mike, on the other hand, feels pretty sure that he doesn't have it, so he's still looking for it. Okay, so you have to hand it to Mike. Not only does he throw everyone in camp off the idol trail, he has essentially thrown Joe off the idol trail as well. It would seem that it will now be a race between Mike and Hali for who can find this idol.

We join Shirin and Dan as more dishes are being done. Dan tells her that he doesn't understand why she can't do math and sides with the wrong side. He tells her that she is just one of Joe's minions and she killed her game. She tells him that maybe he just doesn't know her game. He goes on more about how she doesn't even get basic math and how if Joe wins immunity, she'll be the one to go and there's no chance at all that Joe'll give her the idol. He tells us how annoying she is and how much he wants her to shut up and go home. She tells us that Dan keeps flinging insults at her, but she really just feels sorry for him. Dan finishes off by telling her that he's just really trying to be nice. Really? That's nice? Is that the same nice that had Lindsey hating you, Dan? The same kind of nice that has Sierra hating you, Dan? If there is such a thing as a Survivor god, Shirin's vote tonight should be for Dan saying that she's just trying to be nice. And, it should be the one that sends him home.

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