Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 8

Keep it Real

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 9, 2015

Yeah, I still think we've got them outnumbered.

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But Joe, five is a much nicer round number. Rodney makes a case to go, because he's so hungry and he needs the most. Joe counters that he also eats the most. This sends Rodney into a typical Rodney rant where he says he doesn't have to go, he knows they're seven strong, so it doesn't matter. Shirin is practically begging to go as the big super-duper huge fan. And Joe takes her...leaving his two closest allies - Jenn and Hali - behind. Rodney goes on about keeping it real or something and Jenn is obviously annoyed. It's hard to tell if she's just annoyed with Rod or if she's pissed that Joe didn't take her. On the way out, Mike tells us that he really doesn't know how he's gonna beat Joe and he's worried that there will be a clue to another idol on the reward.

Can I just say, for a moment, that for the first time in a long time, the person winning the challenge did the right thing. By taking Tyler, Carolyn and Will on the reward with him, he not only gets alone time with them, he keeps the Blue Collars from having their alone time. If I were him, I probably would have taken Jenn over Shirin, but the bottom line is this: he, Jenn and Hali are locked in. He needs to get some other people to flip with him and he took them all on this amazing reward. If he can get Tyler and Mama C to flip to the Nos, the game can change again!


We come back from break to join the reward as they fly through the rainforest. Joe tells us how amazing it was. Shirin confirms that she does not like Carolyn and really didn't want her to have pizza and an adventure. Carolyn tells us that she was impressed with Joe's choices. She notes that since the Blues are trying to get him out, he didn't take any of them. As they eat and drink, Joe notices what looks to be a note in Carolyn's soda bottle. He is pretty sure it's an idol clue. And then in the best Survivor move ever, he says, "I wish I had some more soda." Carolyn says she can't finish hers and hands him the bottle. So he takes a big drink, chugging the whole bottle and sucking the clue into his mouth. Problem is, it was just a little too big to fit all the way in and Tyler saw him pull the clue out of his mouth. So, Joe tells us that he now will have to figure out a way for him and Tyler to read the clue together.

And just like that, through no work of his own, Tyler can be in on where both hidden immunity idols are. Tyler then tells us that he saw Joe almost choke on an idol clue and he thought about outing him. But he decided he would sit on it for a bit as it could change the game if Joe were to find the new idol.

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