Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 8

Keep it Real

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 9, 2015

Yeah, I still think we've got them outnumbered.

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The next conversation we hear is Shirin sharing her Dan conversation with the girls. Sierra is part of this group and she's so relieved to hear that she's not the only one that can't stand Dan. The girls all agree they'd rather leave their kids with Rodney than with Dan. Sierra wants to see the girls put Dan in his place real bad. She also tells them that she really wants to see a girl’s alliance run this thing. So, if Sierra jumps ship with the No Collars and Shirin, that's five. They still need one more vote for this to happen.

Hali tells us that she likes the idea of the girls' alliance. Now, they need to find one more vote to take Dan out. Shirin approaches Tyler and actually makes a pretty decent argument. She tells him that the girls really want to dump Dan and that it might be best for Tyler to join them. He asks her what happens after that. She says that they regroup but that they'll have taken out one of the leaders of the Blue alliance. And then with Blue broken down and No collar already broken, there's a better place for them in this game. She tells him that Mike and Dan have no allegiance to Tyler. He tells us that he really wants to break up that Blue alliance, but he's worried about doing it at the right time. Of course, this not only means doing it too soon, but waiting too long. And with that, we're off to Tribal.

Jeff starts by asking Tyler how things were at camp after the Kelly vote. Tyler says that they were bummed because Kelly was well liked. He references the chainsaw comment from past week but suggests that there was more of a blur back at camp as they weren't really alliances, but just a bunch of Survivors. Jeff asks Sierra if she agrees with that and he says she definitely does. She can go with whatever alliance she feels like.

Mike tells Jeff that he is 155,000% percent sure what he's doing tonight, but that everyone up there is a gamer, so you can never be totally sure what they're going to do. He does hope that they won't necessarily vote with the guy that took them for pizza. He asks Dan if he's a little uneasy. Dan says that as a fan of the game, you do have to worry about the bombs being dropped. He also reminds them of three words, "Flippers never win."


Shirin is quick to jump in and say that's not true and reaches all the way back to Season 28 (the last season these folks would have seen, by the way) and mentions that Tony flipped all over the place and won easily. She says it's just a fear tactic that he uses so no one in his alliance will flip. Jeff then asks Hali about the three words. And this might be the best Tribal Council speech since the snake ate the rat. I'm just gonna quote the whole thing, "I think he's sending a message, but he needs to remember that we're tribe Merica. And if you look at history, what if the colonists never flipped on the greatest empire in the world? How about that? So, since we're tribe Merica, I think flippers have a great historical record to uh, win this game." The looks on the faces of Sierra, Jeff, Shirin and Joe are priceless. Jenn is laughing. That. Was. Amazing! And with that, there's nothing else Jeff can say but that it's time to vote.

We see Mike's vote for Hali and Shirin's vote for Dan telling him he's gone off the rails. And with that, it's time to tally the votes. If anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol, now would be the time to do so. No one does, so let's read the votes. First vote - Dan. Hali. Dan. Hali. Dan. Hali. Dan. Hali. Hali. Eighth person voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart - Hali. She is absolutely stunned, but no one else seemed to be. I can't wait to see the votes, because it almost looked like Joe knew it was coming. '

It finished up 7-4, which fits with the alliance. Did Sierra stick with Blue or what? Guess I should fast forward through the commercials. Okay, looks like it broke down the way we thought. No Collars and Shirin voted Dan. Sierra stuck with the alliance and voted Hali. I'm sure there will be some out there that think Sierra was dumb for doing that, but I can only assume that she knew she didn't have Tyler. And without Tyler, her vote wouldn't have been enough and all it would have done was separated her from her alliance and put her on the losing side of the numbers. Looks like she held her nose and did what she had to do.

Next time on Survivor: the next challenge looks to be absolutely brutal. Hard falls for Tyler, Dan, Rodney and Will. Also, Jenn is no longer having fun out there. She doesn't like anyone there and she has nothing left but despair. Is it so bad that she'll actually leave the game? Say it ain't so're the best narrator this season has. If you leave, the season will suffer for it. Ok, kids...that about does it for Episode 8 of Survivor Worlds Apart. Please check back next week and check out Ben's Power Rankings and then join me for Episode 9! As always, I love to hear from yas, just hit me on the Twitter @vannestjc or in email at Til next week, take care!

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