Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 7 Recap

The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 2, 2015

We hardly knew ye. (No, really.)

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Hello, good people, and thanks for coming back to join me for Episode 7 of Survivor Worlds Apart! Last week on Survivor, the Blue tribe decided to throw a challenge to get rid of cool guy Joe. But the tribe was split, with Rodney, Joaquin and Tyler on one side and Mike, Dan and Joe on the other. Smack in the middle was Sierra, who basically had to decide who she hated more: Rodney or Dan. Turns out she can live easier with Dan because she sided with Mike, Dan and Joe, and Joaquin became the third White Collar person to be voted out of the game in the first six votes.

This week promises the merge and just in time for someone like Shirin. My guess is this could be super bad for a guy like Rodney who just lost his bro and hasn't been making many friends out there so far.

We start tonight's show at the Escameca camp and, as expected, Rodney is pissed! Tyler admires the blindside, but now finds himself on the bottom of the alliance. Mike decides to try to talk to Rodney and do some damage control. Mike tries to explain his vote saying that everyone saw Rod getting reeled in by Joaquin. Rodney says that he was playing Joaquin the whole time to get information for the Blues to use to go farther in the game. He even dead lies to the camera telling us that he feels so disrespected by this and that he never would have gone with Joaq over the Blues. It's one thing to lie to the other players, but it's really sketchy to even lie to us. It would suggest that he's lying to himself. Either way, he vows revenge on everybody.


The next morning over at Nagarote, Tree Mail suggests the tribes should bring their flags and rely on their numbers, and also says they'll be eating today. Shirin and Carolyn feel that the merge is coming. Kelly suggests that the red stay together come merge time. Jenn doesn't believe it, but Kelly confirms she's with them. She tells us that she is deep undercover and has every intention of rejoining her Blue Collar tribe when they merge.

The tribes come together for a...wait a minute? No Probst Sighting? Looks like the merge is upon us. Rodney is blown away by it and says he needs to change the way he's thinking. Tyler is ecstatic for the merge, as his game was pretty well blown if the tribes stayed separate for one more vote. As it is, he has just been given new life. They open the box waiting for them and it's time for the merge feast. Dan is REALLY excited about the food. Shirin asks about Joaquin and says that she thought he and Rodney would bond. Mike confirmed that was the reason he was voted out. Carolyn tells us that it's bad news to be a pair in this game. As soon as people see you as a couple, they're breaking that couple apart. She tells us that her closest bond is with Tyler, as she's shared the idol with him, and that if she can help it, no one will know that they're a team.

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