Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 7 Recap

The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 2, 2015

We hardly knew ye. (No, really.)

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We come back from break as the now merged tribe returns to Escameca beach. But when they get there, everything is gone! The shelter, everything! So everyone gets to work building a new camp. Kelly is thrilled to be back with her Blue Collar buds. Mike and Kelly are very close. As Carolyn mentioned, that's not a good thing. Mike tells us that he feels like they're five strong, but he's not convinced that it will work out that way.

Jenn tells us that she knew Kelly would go back to the Blues. Hali and Jenn discuss whether or not they can put up with Shirin. They agree that they can. They want to keep their Red Collars and pull in the trio of Whites in Tyler, Shirin and Carolyn. We join them in conversation asking Joe what happened with the vote. He told them he thought he was done, but that the rest of the tribe was worried about Joaquin and Rodney. Jenn asks him if Rodney's smart, and the look on Joe's face is priceless. I mean, we all know the truth. Now they all know the truth.

And on cue, we join Rodeny talking up Will as they're gathering bamboo. Rodney hatches this plan where he'll pull in Will, Kelly and Caroline (who is Caroline?) and they'll stick with the Blue Collars until they're down to seven, then the four will split off and take out the three people who screwed him over. Will basically says to just tell him who to vote for. Ya know why? Because the first rule of Survivor says, "If someone asks you if you're a God, you say 'Yes!'"


The next scene we get is Rodney, along with Will, pitching his idea to Carolyn and Kelly. He's so pissed about Joaquin getting voted out. He tells Carolyn that if she liked Joaquin, she may as well like him. He's got the plan down. Carolyn tells us that he went to her right off the bat and she's not sure that she trusts him at all, but she does like that there's talk of her being in a final four. We see her talking to Tyler and discussing how they have to play it cool on how tight they are. He tells her that's why Joaq got voted out, so he knows they'll target him. He says he wants to pull Rodney back in and Carolyn tells him that Rodney already talked to her. She lays out Rod's plan to Tyler. She would prefer to work with the Red Collars and Shirin while Tyler wants to stick with the Blues. She tells us that she's not sure which way they'll go, but she feels that they are in a good spot to help determine the course of the game.

We come back from break and Jenn is headed out to the beach and Dan is coming out of the water having just been stung by a jellyfish. She tells him to go put some hot water on it. He tells her that he peed on it, but she tells him that really doesn't work and he needs to get hot water on it. She tells him that she's gonna take a dip and it better have hot water on it when she gets back.

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