Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 7 Recap

The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 2, 2015

We hardly knew ye. (No, really.)

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And just like that, Carolyn loses her footing and drops out of the challenge. Joe wins the first individual immunity - and, by the way, saves his own ass. Nice work, Joe! Jenn is pumped that Joe won immunity. Her plan is still to get the No Collars and White Collars together to take out the Blue Collars.

The tribe comes back to camp and Mike tells us about the challenge and about how his plans got all screwed up. Mike tells us that he wants to change the plan to voting out either Jenn or Hail. He and Dan decide on Jenn. He tells Mike that to keep Rodney, they have to bend to what he wants. Mike tells Will to write down Hali. He tells us that if he sees someone write down Hali, he'll know that Will can be trusted. Will tells us that he's not sure he wants to go that way. But he's having a tough time with seeing who's loyal to who.

Carolyn and Kelly are talking and Carolyn says she doesn't know what the plan is, although the two of them decide that Jenn and Hali need to be split up. We join Hali, Shirin and Jenn discussing how they want to get rid of Blue Collars, and they want to start with Kelly. Shirin is really scared of the Blue Collar five as they keep voting together, even though they hate each other. She's leaning more toward joining the No Collars to break that group up.


The next conversation we see is Mike talking to Tyler. Tyler tells Mike that he's going to have trouble trusting him. He says that if he's going to be with them, he needs to be let into the loop. If he's not, he'll look for someone who will let him in. Mike tells him how much he really wants to play with him, and Tyler again says "that's sweet," but you have to look at it from his point of view. Mike needs his vote, so of course he's going to say that. Tyler tells us he doesn't know what he's going to do yet, but he's glad he has options.

Hali talks to Tyler and tells him that they very much want to join with the Whites and break up the Blue Collar alliance. Tyler tells her that he was really burned by the Blue Collars and he can't trust them, but that he also doesn't know the No Collars. She tells him the plan is to vote Kelly. Tyler lays it down that he and Carolyn are the swings. They'll either vote Jenn with the Blues or he'll vote Kelly with the Nos. We join Jenn and Hali and Jenn tells her that they need to know who the Blues are targetting. And she tells Hali that she has an idol. So, if she can find out who the Blues are gonna vote for, she'll play it to guarantee they win this vote.

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