Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 7 Recap

The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 2, 2015

We hardly knew ye. (No, really.)

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Dan heads back to camp to get some hot water and joins the discussion on what the new tribe name should be. Mike is suggesting #Merica. He stresses not A-Merica, just Merica. Now, had he gone all the way to Murica...THEN I'd have been impressed. Anyway, since the new tribe is made up of Red, White and Blue, he thinks it's perfect. Hali, as a future defense attorney loves the idea. Shirin is embarrassed by and hates the name "'Merica." She calls it the worst tribe name in Survivor history. I'll disagree with that. First off, there was Murlonio. Dumb. Second, how many times have the people just combined the names of their former tribes? That's the worst. Unoriginal and no creativity all rolled into one. Again, I would have preferred it with a U, but I'll take Merica.

Later on, we join Mike and Rodney talking. Mike tells him that IF Joe doesn't win immunity, he has to go. Rodney is down with that, but reminds Mike that if he wouldn't have screwed him over on the last vote, Joe would already be gone. Rodney tells us that he's fine to ride with Mike right now, but he'll eventually take him out. Mike tells us that he needs numbers right now, so he's prepared to play nice with Rodney for the time being.

Twenty-nine minutes into the episode, we get our first Probst Sighting!! First, he unveils the individual immunity necklace. Today's challenge is one of my favorites. Survivors will hang on to a big poll, and the last one hanging on wins. It's a test of wills. As they start off, Jeff tells them that this is a classic and that a man has won it three times and a woman has won it three times. Dan only lasts a couple minutes. Will only lasts about a minute longer. Tyler lasts a couple minutes longer and then just jumps down.


Sierra, Shirin, Mike and Hali are starting to struggle. Kelly's having issues as well. Sierra, Shirin and Kelly all drop out consecutively. Only six people remain at this point. The challenge is 25 minutes in, and Rodney s having a rough time. Joe moves for the first time, according to Probst. Rodney asks Carolyn if she has this. She says that she does. Before Rodney can drop, Mike all of a sudden falls off. Then Rodney drops out.

Joe, Jenn, Hali and Carolyn are the only ones left. "Owww." In the middle of the challenge, Jenn gets stung by something. Where was she stung? Um, we could say her inner thigh. But that's not entirely accurate. Let's just say that the area that was stung would need to be blurred. That work? She can't believe it, but she fights through it. And Hali starts to struggle and finally drops.

Clouds are showing up overhead and the rain starts to fall. Carolyn doesn't even look like she's hurting right now. It's crazy. Jenn is starting to drop on the pole a little, while Joe is also hanging tough. Fifty-five minutes in, Carolyn's feet start to slip a little and her body is in a different position now. Jenn drops to the final foot hold and she finally loses her grip about an hour into the challenge. Joe is starting to show signs that he's struggling, while Carolyn is back to being solid. As I type that, she readjusts down a foothold. Carolyn is now down on the bottom foothold, while Joe is still pretty close to the top.

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