Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 6 Recap

Odd Woman Out

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 30, 2015

Bro-ing it down is so underrated.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to the sixth installment of Survivor Worlds Apart. Last time we hung out, Blue Collar finally went to Tribal and it was shown once again that people named Lindsey are not cut out for this game. (Seriously, look it up...Lindseys never do well at Survivor.) And then in our second episode, the tribes merged, unevenly to say the least. The new power tribe blew through two challenges, sending the weaker red tribe to Tribal. As these things often go, the two people who were absolutely positive that they were running the game found themselves on the small end of a 5-2 split and Survivor professor Max learned that playing Survivor wasn't nearly as easy as talking about Survivor.

Previews are suggesting that a former White Collar alliance is no more. Um, yeah...that was clear when Max went home. Also, we have a new bromance forming on the Blue tribe. Rodney and Joaquin should be pledging their undying loyalty to each other this week. Wow, can't wait for that.


We begin this week's episode the morning after Tribal and Shirin is feeling quite alone. She had no idea the Max vote was coming. She asks Carolyn if she doesn't want to work with her anymore. Carolyn tells her that she doesn't trust her and that she spent the last three days talking to everyone BUT her. She wants real loyalty, not some fake loyalty brought about by desperation. Shirin is really worried that no one wants to play with her, and she wonders what she has to change about herself to improve her lot in this game. We see her talking to Hali at the water hole. Hali tells her that Max was sent home because he was really annoying. She also tells Shirin straight up that people are annoyed with her as well. Shirin tells us that she's found herself in this game in the same place she was when she was younger - not quite fitting in and not sure how to fit in. She does say that she's going to treat this the way she DIDN'T in high school, by trying to deal with it and adapt.

We come back from the credits to check in on the blue tribe. And we join Dan telling the whole "losing his underwear" story. Rodney is sick to death of hearing the same stories and same people over and over. This leads into the Rod-quin bromance. They're east coast guys and Rodney can't get along with the bible-thumper from Texas and the hick from Maine. He and Joaquin, though, they're both about the chicks and the parties. And now the game is all about them. And Boston Rod wants everyone to open up and pay attention to what he has cooked up for this game. Remember, we're in the process of watching possibly the best player from Boston to ever step on Survivor beach. *Believe it or not, I said that with a straight face.*

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