Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 6 Recap

Odd Woman Out

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 30, 2015

Bro-ing it down is so underrated.

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And here are, a mere six minutes into the show and it's time for our first Probst Sighting! As the tribes come in and Jeff says that Max was voted out at the last Tribal, Joaquin lets out an audible, "Yeesssss!" Today's reward challenge is actually simple to describe, but not as easy to execute. Each tribe will run through an obstacle course. I know, we've already had like five of them this season, but this one is more like a ropes course really, complete with a monkey bridge and everything. Once everyone gets through the course, one at a time, they'll climb a platform and launch sandbags at targets. First tribe to hit all six targets wins reward. Wanna know what they're playing for? The winning tribe will be picked up and taken for a beef stew, mac-n-cheese and hot chocolate picnic and then treated to one of the coolest rewards I've ever heard of on the show. They will be taken at night to witness the sea turtle migration as the females come out of the ocean to lay and bury their eggs, and then head back out to sea. Seriously, now. That's cool!

To get things started, the Blue tribe will sit out Dan for this challenge. The challenge starts out as you would expect it to. The blue tribe tears through the obstacle course. Rodney, displaying the grace of a bull in a china shop, basically powers through the course. The rest of the tribe is right behind him and they reach the end first, sending Rodney up to launch sandbags. The red tribe is a little behind, with Will bringing up the rear, as expected. They finally reach the end and Jenn is actually able to hit a target before Rodney. Joaquin and Kelly are now launching and Kelly hits target #2 for the Red Tribe. Joaquin hits and we're tied.


Hali is not able to hit a target, but Sierra hits on her first shot. Blue tribe is winning 3-2. Finally Hali steps down and Carolyn takes her shot. At the same time, Mike hits for Blue, 4-2. Carolyn hits quick and Shirin hits on her first shot and we're tied again, 4-4. Joe hits for Blue and it's 5-4. Will steps up and hits on his first shot and we're tied 5-5. Next hit wins. Tyler just misses for Blue and Jenn hits solid for Red...and Nagarote (just so you know I didn't forget the name) wins reward!! As the tribes head back to camp, Shirin tells us that winning this reward is huge as it'll give her a chance to try to make some new relationships within her tribe.

As Nagarote comes back to camp, they find their picnic feast all laid out for them. Hali is on top of the world, mostly because they won the challenge. I'm sure they all knew how seemingly disadvantaged they were, so winning that challenge was epic, in her mind. She compares it to David and Goliath, including the fatal slingshot. She says that the addition of the mac-n-cheese and the beef stew was like giving birth to her first child. Now, I'm not sure if she felt like that before or after the meal. *rim shot* I'll be here all week. Try the veal. Carolyn tells us that it feels good to win and even Shirin is tolerable right now.

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