Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 6 Recap

Odd Woman Out

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 30, 2015

Bro-ing it down is so underrated.

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Cut to Shirin saying that Rodney is probably over there talking about how he would have crushed this meal and how he needs the protein. Jenn chimes in, "What a tool." So, we learn a couple things here. First, Shirin might be working her way back in. She already had a talk with Hali at the water hole and now she's bonding over stew and hatred for Rodney. Which brings me to the second thing: Rodney is dead man walking. He doesn't know it, but right now Joaquin is all he's got.

The next segment of show is nothing short of amazing. A guide comes to get the tribe and leads them to where the turtles are migrating. Seriously, even if you hate this show and all the people on it and you only read this recap because I'm insanely charming, you owe it to yourself to watch this clip. It's so cool. We watch one turtle choose her spot, dig the hole for the nest, actually lay the eggs and then bury them up. The guide tells them (and us) that the turtles will lay around 120 eggs and that it's likely only one will survive. Jenn tells us how cool the whole thing is and also relates it to Survivor. "Ya know, I do have a one in 14 chance of winning a million dollars as opposed to a one in 100 chance So, that's cool." Seriously, the producers have to be loving this girl. She is confessional gold. I'll be interested to see how they arrange it so she can stay in the game as long as possible.


Time to check in on the Escameca tribe for the first time after losing reward. As they lament not having any mac-n-cheese, everyone decides to head out to get some food. Joe is checking some traps they have set, and Dan, Rodney and Mike head out to go fishing. Everyone leaves camp except Joaquin and Sierra, which is great for Joaquin. He's been wanting to talk to Sierra to see what the lay of the land is in this tribe. She tells him how she hates all the guys in her tribe and was so excited by the switch. He tells her that he wants to give her the opportunity to give it back to them. He tells us that the Blue Collars were in shambles when he got there. Sierra is the odd woman out and he's happy to take her in.

This is an easy layup for Joaquin. He tells her that he and Tyler are tight from the White Collar tribe. He says that Tyler is the most trustworthy honest person in their camp. He says they don't want to let Joe get too far into the game and that she and Rodney must be close, right? She goes on a nice little rant about how she is most definitely not with Rodney. She even says to him, "So I gotta suck up to Rodney?" He tells her that he can handle Rodney.

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