Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 6 Recap

Odd Woman Out

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 30, 2015

Bro-ing it down is so underrated.

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Tribal starts, and Jeff gives a recap of how the split affected this tribe. He starts with Joe. He asks if the four Blue Collars seemed like one big happy family. Joe says that they did, but every family has issues and he, Joaquin and Tyler did what they could to find and exploit those issues. Dan admits to having some dysfunction in his tribe and he was concerned that the three outsiders would find something. Jeff asks Tyler if they were able to find anything. Tyler says they really didn't even have to look for the crack, it was right there and it all revolved around Sierra.

Sierra tells Jeff that after the last Tribal, when they got back to camp, she was told how she sucked at challenges and wasn't necessary. Mike interrupts to say that "not everyone" picked on her like that. She admits that Mike did tell the guys to stop, but goes on to say she felt better in 24 hours with the new guys than she did in 11 days with the Blue Collars. Jeff points out the obvious to Mike saying that if Sierra decides to flip, the Blue Collars are in trouble. He says that they've been together for 16 days, but he doesn't consider them a "foursome of inpenetrableness". #inpenetrableness

Mike's definitely concerned about tonight's vote. Rodney decides to chime in here and talk about how that's the beauty of "droppin' your buffs." New people come along with new opportunities. He says now is a chance to see what's best for him. Jeff gets to Joaquin and asks him if he feels better about his place now than he did a couple days ago. He says that he does and he didn't expect it to go this way. But when people come up and tell him why they hate each other, "It couldn't have been any easier for me."

Back to Joe, do you worry at all that they're just telling you what you want to hear? He says they definitely could be. He also mentions that he's on the bottom. "At least Joaquin has Tyler. I got nobody."


Probst asks Sierra about the Blue Collar mentality of taking care of their own. She reiterates that it wasn't he name being written down that got to her; it was being attacked back at camp after the vote. Jeff asks a different way whether it wouldn't just be easier to stick with her tribe and vote out the new guys. She says that she's made some genuine friendships out there and she's not stupid. She's going to weigh who she can trust the most. Jeff talks to Mike some more, but I didn't really get the analogy and Mike's answer was essentially “you never know who you can trust until you leave Tribal and that's pretty scary.”

And with that, it's finally time to vote. We see Joaquin's vote for Joe saying, "Sorry, buddy." We also see Joe's vote for Joaquin saying, " looks like it's me or you tonight." Then they show Sierra writing her vote: J - O...wait a minute, they BOTH start with J-O. Those tricksey Survivor editors!!! Jeff will tally and read the votes. First vote: Joe. Second vote: Joaquin. Joe. Joaquin. Joe. Joaquin. Sixth person voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart - Joaquin! Whoa! I'm actually pretty shocked by this one. After all the talk of hating her tribe, Sierra stuck with them. I can only assume that the bond she has with Mike is the strongest of all – or that she hates Rodney more than anyone ever and refused to align with him. Either way, that's six votes down, and I actually agree with all of them so far. That's a rarity.

Next time on Survivor: Rodney is feeling betrayed by the Blue Collars and is gonna make everyone pay. But wait, both tribes show up for a challenge with NO PROBST! Duh-duh-duuuhhhhh! It's a merge!! Already? Oh yeah, and Rodney still feels disrespected by the Blues. So, that'll be fun. Until next time, don't forget to check out Ben's Power Rankings. And please, I'd love to hear what you think. Hit me at or on Twitter: @vannestjc ! Take care!

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