Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 4 Recap

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 19, 2015

A little less confrontation, a little more action please.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to a super duper double edition of the Survivor Worlds Apart recap. After a straightforward, rather dull Episode 3 of White vs Blue vs No last week, CBS is double dipping tonight. Previously on Survivor: Shirin enjoyed some #monkeysex, Mike started to completely #meltdown and no one at No Collar was #blindsided as it was pretty clear from Episode 2 that hearing advocate Nina's days were numbered.

Tonight, as mentioned, we're getting two episodes for the price of one. We'll see the return of the two people roped together and blind olded challenge that plays like an NFL's craziest bloopers reel. But this time we're promised some blood, a halted challenge, and a visit from medical. What's not promised but is starting to be expected (possibly in the second episode tonight) is the inevitable tribe swap. Some people could really benefit from a swap (hi Mike, Will and Shirin); meanwhile, some players could be devastated by a swap (I'm looking at you, Joe, you sexy beast you). Either way, tonight's the night I expect this season to kick it into high gear, and it should be an awesome ride the rest of the way through.

We begin tonight's episode at the No Collar camp right after Tribal. Right away, the fence mending with Will begins. They tell him he got votes because they were worried about an idol. Will says he understands and their tribe is now a strong unit. He does, however, know that he's next to go should No Collar lose again.


Over at Blue Collar, Mike's crazy kitchen is open again as he kills and cooks a snake. I could have done without the skinning of the snake, but it is what it is, I guess. Mike shares his snake with everyone. Rodney tells us that he's digging Mike now and even though they fought a little while ago, that's just men being men. Hmmmm...wouldn't have expected a Rod-Mike friendship/alliance.

And with that, it's time for our first Probst sighting! This challenge is for reward. And this is the blindfolded obstacle course. One person will be a caller. The blindfolded pair will be led to pick up four items and raise them up a dumbwaiter style platform to the caller. Once all four items are there, the team will have to get a flag. First tribe to raise their flag wins three egg-laying chickens and a rooster. Second tribe to raise their flag wins 10 eggs. Third tribe - got nothin' for ya. Tyler will sit out for White Collar and the new bromance of Rodney and Mike will sit out for Blue Collar.

The teams take their places, with Carolyn, Sierra and Joe acting as callers. As you would expect, there are some huge collisions on the course. Shirin takes the bulk of the hits for White Collar, as Max is plenty happy to let her lead. The only real issue is after they raise the platform to get items to the top, the drop down is slightly dangerous. There are several near misses through the first part of the challenge.

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