Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 4 Recap

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 19, 2015

A little less confrontation, a little more action please.

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We join the Blue Collar tribe and Mike is telling us what a beast Kelly is for taking the shot to the head and still competing. We learn that it took six stitches to close the cut on her forehead. And now we come to the "Seriously, I can't believe this stupid argument just happened" conversation of the week. Rod the bod is talking to Sierra and Lindsey about how women should hold themselves to a higher standard than men. Naturally, this pisses the ladies off, especially Lindsey. To his credit, Rodney tries to explain himself, but she's done listening to him.

In a nutshell, he wasn't saying what he meant. When he explained it, what he meant was "women should set higher standards for themselves" instead of what he said. By that, he meant that if a woman becomes single; she'll have guys lined up around the block and she shouldn't just jump at the first guy, but set high standards. It's not what he said, but as he explained, that's what he meant. Because he goes on to say that the guy from that broken up relationship won't have girls beating down his door and he might be best to take whatever he can get. But the girls should set higher standards than that. Either way, it's a stupid argument and after bashing Lindsey's "Mike Tyson tattoo" he tells us he needs to get back to his #3Cs and stop acting like a hothead. Honestly, neither one of those two are long for the game.

Over at White Collar, the eggs are boiling. Shirin tells us she's kind of glad that they didn't win the chickens. She was pretty certain that none of the guys would have had anything to do with slaughtering the chickens. She tells the tribe how she watched videos about that stuff; in case they ended up with chickens and that she practiced it on a rabbit. Joaquin has heard enough. He tells us that he's concerned about her psychopathic ways and that's how serial killers start out, with small animals. He prefers her to keep her psycho away from him.


With Shirin headed to the beach (with her pants on, thankfully), the rest of the tribe discusses who to sit out in the next challenge. They ask Carolyn if she would be okay with sitting out, because they're worried about Shirin's crazy if they tell her to sit. Carolyn is not happy about this discussion. She's better in challenges than Shirin and she won't accept that logic. She tells us that she's not sure who's more insane, Max or Shirin. She says he wants to be the cult leader of the tribe. She talks to the guys about booting Max should their tribe lose again. They're not too thrilled with the idea, but they don't reject it outright.

We come back from break to a Probst sighting!! This challenge will see everyone hooked into a rope. One at a time, they'll navigate a couple obstacles on a declining platform. Once they reach the end, the next person will go. When everyone is through the course, they'll retrieve a bag of balls, which they'll balance on a beam while they navigate a super cool vertical labyrinth puzzle. First and second tribe to get all three balls to the top will win immunity. Lindsey and Dan will sit out for Blue Collar; Shirin will sit for White Collar.

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