Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 4 Recap

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 19, 2015

A little less confrontation, a little more action please.

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Meanwhile, No Collar is killing this challenge. Like, it's never even close. And then the inevitable...the Blue Collar platform is dropped and it lands square on Kelly's forehead. And the blood gushes. I mean, if we learned nothing from pro wrestling, it's that the slightest self-inflicted cut on the forehead can bleed like a stuck pig. Google Ric Flair blood if you don't believe me. Anyway, the blood comes so fast, Jeff stops the challenge and calls medical out to check Kelly immediately.

We come back from break and Kelly's buff, still over her eyes, is soaked in blood. The doc checks her out and sees that it is really a surface cut. He wants to bandage her up, finish the challenge and then look at it again and stitch it up, if necessary. She keeps assuring everyone that she's good and I believe her. I don't think she really wanted to stop the challenge at all. Jeff resets the challenge and recaps. No Collar has all four items and is out for the flag. Blue Collar has just turned in its third item and is slightly ahead of White Collar. As expected, Jenn and Hali come back with the flag and No Collar wins some chickens. Blue Collar gets back with their fourth item, while White Collar is still struggling. Somewhere as No Collar officially wins, White Collar passes up Blue Collar and now both are on the course for the flag. Shirin's no nonsense approach, practically dragging Max through the course, pays off as they get back with their flag first and White Collar wins a bunch of eggs! Blue Collar gets nothing but a concussion.

We come back from break to the celebrating No Collar tribe. By the time they hit camp, their chickens are already there. Right away, Joe suggests they should cook one of the chickens to celebrate Will's birthday. Will tells us that this is the first birthday he hasn't spent with family and he is really touched at how the tribe wants to make his day special, like his family away from home.


And here we have "the chicken dilemma" that presents itself every season. Jenn is a vegetarian and is not a fan of killing the bird for dinner. She tries to talk Joe out of it, but her words fall on deaf ears. They will be having chicken tonight. Unlike chicken defenders of the past, though, Jenn just refuses to take part and goes off for a walk into the woods to get away from the noise and commotion surrounding the chickens. As she heads off, Joe cuts off the chicken's head and he, Hali and Will start cleaning the bird. Again, Will is very pumped to be celebrating his birthday with some cooked chicken.

With the rest of the tribe knowing how disturbed Jenn is, we join her in the woods collecting firewood. Oh yeah, and searching for an idol. She tells us she doesn't expect to find it, but the idol is usually in a dry creek bed or some sort of special looking tree. She doesn't see anything that stands out. As the rest of the tribe is now eating the chicken, Jenn finally stumbles upon the perfect tree. And after a few seconds of searching, Jenn has found the No Collar hidden idol. She is so excited about finding this and tells us she can SO screw up the game with this thing. And in retrospect, she supposes the whole chicken thing ain't so bad. "Winner winner, chicken dinner."

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