Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 4 Recap

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 19, 2015

A little less confrontation, a little more action please.

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They walk into Tribal Council and they have to grab a torch and put it in the fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council. Fire represents your life in this game. When your fire's gone, so are you. Probst starts by asking Dan who has bonded in this tribe. He says that Lindsey and Sierra are very close. He asks Rodney who didn't get along. He says he doesn't get along with Lindsey. They're like "chicken parm and tuna fish." Um, okay.

Lindsey agrees that she doesn't care for Rodney. Sierra agrees that he's very degrading and she doesn't like the way he talks about women. Kelly agrees that he doesn't portray himself that well. Rodney breaks in to let us know that no matter what they say, his mother loves him. He tries to explain himself again and does a little better than before. He says that girls today need to respect themselves more. Even Probst doesn't seem to get it and suggests he just pissed off millions of women.

Kelly breaks down how the vote could affect the tribe. If they vote off either Lindsey or Sierra, they'll basically lose the other person. If they vote Rodney, there might be more tribe unity. Lindsey breaks in to say how much she loves this tribe. They work and fight for each other. She tells us all that no matter who goes home tonight, someone on one of these stools is gonna win a million dollars.

Mike says that speech made him feel great and that Lindsey brought them all together on day one when she claimed the winner was on their mat. He says he would have slit his own throat on the No Collar tribe and the White Collars just live off of the hard workin' blue collar 'Muricans! He loves these guys and no matter what happens tonight, bonds have been made and that's huge for him.


And with that, it's time to vote. Oooh, they don't show us any votes tonight. What's the deal with that? Jeff tallies the votes. First vote: Rodney. Second vote: Lindsey. Rodney. Lindsey. Sierra? Sierra? Whoa, it's a three-way tie! Was the split vote in effect???

On the revote, only Mike, Dan and Kelly will vote. We see none of their votes this time either. After a quick tally, looks like it's unanimous. Lindsey is the fourth person voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart. Ultimately, this is a "meh" outcome for me. I think Rodney was the better vote for this tribe, but with the breakdown in alliances we're seeing, Lindsey was the obvious boot here. She's every bit as hot-headed as Rodney. So, we're four votes down this season and I have to say that I'm okay with every one of them so far. Every vote has made sense and every vote, so far anyway, has enhanced my viewing pleasure. So, congrats to the cast for that.

Next time on Survivor: whoa, next time is in like two seconds. Well, two seconds of show time. Might be a few days in Box Office Prophets time. Hope you've enjoyed this recap and please come back on Monday for Part Two as I'll recap Episode 5 or Part 2 of Episode 4 (however you want to look at it). As always, love to hear from you on Twitter: @vannestjc. Curious to see after four weeks (and five boots) who you think is in a good position to win this game. Tweet me and let me know what you think! 'Til Monday, take care!

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