Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 15

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 21, 2014

Phil Keoghan must be so proud.

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Alec also asks Missy what was so motherly about the way she played her game. She talks about staying in control and directing her people to do what she wanted them to do. That sounds motherly, we guess? Alec gets bored after about three seconds. He’s got nothing for Jaclyn, so we’ll call him a Natalie vote.

Now we have Baylor. She talks a lot, and the gist of it all is, “I love you, Mommy.” Free advice, Baylor. Stop letting Missy infantilize you. Anyway, she’s obviously voting for her mother. So that makes it 1-1-1 plus Keith, who we figure is unpredictable.

Josh starts with Jaclyn, and wants to know if she believes she is in the final three on the strength of her own merit or if she’s there because other of stronger people in the game. She says that all of the discussions between her and Jon were complex and complicated and that they argued back and forth about what to do. Since she didn’t really give him much, he asks her if there was a move that she made where she made the decision solely on her own. Jaclyn tells Josh it was her idea to vote him out, which isn’t exactly the same as making a decision on her own. Still, we’re not quite sure what he’s thinking here, because he doesn’t as Natalie any questions at all.

Wes, who is probably thinking about eating some chicken wings, asks the women what it was like to play with their loved ones. Nice of him to throw them a softball. Missy takes this opportunity to tell him how much she loves his dad, which we believe. Jaclyn says that a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is different than father/son, but it was all about communication. Natalie tells him that it was really hard for her when Nadiya was eliminated. They’ve never been apart this long. But it was Nadiya’s elimination that made her very determined to win the game. We think we’ll score this round to Natalie.

Now we have Jeremy, who campaigns for Natalie. He tells his fellow jurors to not be mad at her, but to give her credit. That comment appears to register, too. Obviously, his vote goes to Natalie and based on facial expressions during Jeremy’s appeal, Josh’s does, too.


So that means were at 4-1-1 and undecided, which is going to be enough to give Natalie the title of Sole Survivor if we’re calculating correctly.

We close it out with Reed, who… whoa. He uses his moment as an opportunity to eviscerate Missy. He starts by telling Natalie how much he loved her gameplay. Then, he tells Jaclyn how much he enjoyed getting to know her and trying to play the game with her.

Back to Missy.

“You cast yourself as the motherly figure. However, fans of classic literary fiction will see through very quickly to who your true character was, which was the wicked stepmother, really, of the tribe. It’s the eccentric woman who comes in and makes demands of everyone for the things to which she feels so entitled. You know, she spoils her children by perhaps giving them more rice at dinner or the best places to sleep at night in the shelter. Um, she takes things that she’s either not entitled to or didn’t earn herself, which was always evidenced by the fact that you got more gimmes in this game than anyone, and performed the WORST out of anyone at challenges. Lastly, you made the quintessential wicked stepmother move by abusing the help, which in this case was the minority alliances throughout the game. You always made sure they felt inferior, you always kept them in their place, and you always made it imminently clear that they weren’t coming to the ball that is the Tribal Council here this evening here with you. So, that to me feels like your fatal flaw in your whole plan, because unlike life, in the game of Survivor, the outcasts are the one who get the final say. So, in a sweeping moment of poetic justice, the people to which you were so rude and terrible to before relegating them to the jury with the help of your alliance are going to decide your fate this evening. This is why I love fairy tales, because they always have a happy ending, and the wicked stepmother never wins. Nat, Jaclyn, good luck.”

Let’s call him not a vote for Missy.

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