Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 15

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 21, 2014

Phil Keoghan must be so proud.

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When the jury members arrive for Tribal Council, Jon gets a big smile when he sees that Jaclyn is wearing the Immunity necklace.

The questions are pretty lame, really. Probst asks Jaclyn how she feels about wearing the necklace tonight. That’s a dumb one. He then asks Natalie if she feels like Jaclyn owes her in tonight’s vote. That’s a dumb one, too, because of course Natalie isn’t going to say yes. There’s a bit of discussion about whether Keith is the biggest threat to win or Natalie, and the honest answer here is just “yes.” To us, no matter which one of these two you eliminate, you’re still up against someone more likely to get the votes to win. The only sure thing is that Missy isn’t going anywhere.

Probst reads the votes, and it’s one for Keith, one for Missy and then two more for Keith. He played an… interesting game, but it’s time for him to go spit somewhere else. Even if he wasn’t the best strategist, we enjoyed him and his propensity to say the absolute wrong thing at Tribal Council.

Our final three is Jaclyn, Missy and Natalie. Unless she blows it in the final Tribal Council, Natalie should be our winner.

Keith’s final comments are pretty great. “So, uh, well, all three of ‘em voted for me, so it wasn’t a blindside. It was three women. I can barely handle one woman at the house, much less three of them here. No hard feelings. I love ‘em all.” And this statement also is telling when it comes to how he ignored Jaclyn at a critical time in the game, causing his own alliance to lose control.


There are only 24 minutes left until we announce the Sole Survivor, which means this is going to be a brisk final Tribal Council.

Back at camp, the women are celebrating their GRRRRL Power victory. For whatever reason, the fact that she’s part of a three-woman final three makes Missy talk about her three marriages again. We figure that her third marriage ended because she couldn’t stop talking about the first two. She follows that up by saying that she needs to present herself in the best light before the jury. Pro tip: don’t talk about the marriages anymore.

As they eat and drink alcohol to celebrate, Natalie talks about Nadiya and plans for her final speech. Jaclyn believes she was underestimated and says that the $1 million would mean more to here than everyone else because it would help her and Jon to start a family. Even more important to her is to win Sole Survivor to inspire other people who suffer from MRKH, the syndrome that prevents her from having children.

Since we’re suffering through the live segments during the show tonight, there is no portion of the show to honor the Survivors who were voted out. The fast forward button on our TiVo gets a break.

Probst blah blah blahs about the shifting of power from the players to the jurors and asks our Survivors for their opening statements. Missy claims to be humble, and then follows that up by saying that this Survivor jury’s decision is probably bigger than that of a jury on a murder trial. Yep, humble. You hear that, Serial podcast?

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