Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 15

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 21, 2014

Phil Keoghan must be so proud.

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If that wasn’t awesome enough, Missy decides that she will emphasize one of her strongest points in the game – loyalty. We burst out laughing. And laugh a little longer. And some more. And…

Nope, still laughing.

And how did she demonstrate this loyalty? Anytime someone said they didn’t trust her, she eliminated them. That will teach them how loyal she is!

She also says that after breaking her leg, she brought her team to victory. This is about the same as if a running back had broken his ACL and said, “If I hadn’t gotten injured, my replacement wouldn’t have been able to rush for 250 yards and 4 touchdowns!”

She thinks this is a winning speech. How adorable.


Why does Jaclyn deserve to be Sole Survivor? She has been through ups and downs. She talks about having had to play the game in the middle with no alliance, and then her struggle after Jon was blindsided. Jaclyn also throws in her MRKH to elicit the sympathy vote. It’s better than Missy’s speech was, but still not compelling.

That should mean smooth sailing for Natalie, who at least can put together a smart argument. Natalie invokes the Outwit, Outplay and Outlast motto of Survivor, which neither Missy nor Jaclyn thought to do. She mentions that she Outwitted by making several risky moves, several of which she had to implement or instigate by herself. As far as Outplay, she was solid in challenges, volunteered twice for Exile Island, and was never accused of being lazy around camp. When it comes to the Outlast portion of her statement, she changed her plan when Nadiya was voted out to do everything with a purpose. Her only goal was to win the game. She feels honored to be sitting in front of them, and even notes that she should have been voted out instead of Keith at the previous Tribal Council.

She’s right about everything she says. We aren’t fans of the twins, but her speech is flawless here.

It’s time for the jurors to have their say. We start with Jon, who tries to help Jaclyn out. She asks her for a time she made a big move, and she says it was Josh. Her explanation is convoluted enough that we don’t know that anyone buys that she was pulling the strings instead of Jon. We’ll obviously give Jon’s vote to Jaclyn.

Next up is Keith, who asks Natalie how she feels knowing that the last words she said to him were a lie. She tells him that it was pretty much either her or him, so she had little choice. He mentions that he hated the lying throughout the game. He went to the final four with no alliance and no lies. It’s true, but it’s not like Jaclyn and Missy were paragons of honesty with him, either. He’s pretty inscrutable here, so we’ll call him undecided.

Now we have Alec, who asks Natalie to share her biggest single move in the game. She tells Alec that it was voting him out, which makes him happy. But she also elaborates by mapping out exactly how it led her to the final three, which is shrewd.

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