Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 15

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 21, 2014

Phil Keoghan must be so proud.

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Due to the physical nature of the challenge, Missy is of course forced to sit out. Her fate is indeed in the hands of Natalie and Jaclyn, presuming that she really does intend to vote Keith out.

This is a brutal, long challenge. It’s windy, with sand blowing everywhere. Natalie is first back with a bag, followed by Keith and then Jaclyn. Then Keith comes back with bag #2, followed by Natalie and Jaclyn. He gets back with his third bag, but Natalie is so close that she passes him when they head up the stairs to put their bags in their designated spot.

There are still two bags to go, and Natalie and Keith are pretty close, but Natalie is able to establish a lead. Jaclyn is not far behind Keith, who seems completely worn out.


All three players are working on their puzzle, with Jaclyn utterly exhausted. All of them actually do a great job putting them together, and the race to the finish is incredible close. Ultimately, Jaclyn finishes her puzzle first, and heads back down the pole to go examine her guide to the numbers/shapes for the combination lock.

When she is sliding down, she loses her grip on the pole and falls hard. It looks as though she might be too injured to go on, but she somehow pulls herself together and limps to her guide. Natalie is finished next, while Keith is still not quite finished with the puzzle portion.

As rough as her journey to the shape/number guide is, you’d think that Jaclyn might forget the combination or be too rattled to get it right. But she completes the combination on the first try and WINS! IMMUNITY!

Keith is incredulous at this turn of events, and also pretty down in the dumps. He is fully aware that his time on Survivor is about to come to an end.

We supposed that the editors of the show may try to convince us that someone other than Keith is being voted out tonight. Keith tries to make a pitch for why Missy is a better boot than he is, and we have to say that at least the vote for the Final Three would be more interesting if it’s between Keith, Natalie and Jaclyn. Unfortunately, we don’t see that happening.

Jaclyn talks to Missy about voting for Natalie, and although Missy claims it’s a toss-up. She says that her gut tells her that she won’t win against Keith because of the bros, but that she thinks she may lose to Natalie as well because of gameplay. Honestly, she’s right. There is no good choice her for her. The better option would have been to not act like a petulant child when she was fighting with Jon, leading to Reed’s elimination. The largest point here is that Jaclyn has played a fairly good game overall, but because she and Jon were content to play in the middle, she was always outside the two alliances, meaning her options would always be limited.

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