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By BOP Staff

December 17, 2014

Can you believe the other players were this dumb?

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Jim Van Nest: Who are you rooting for in the big Blood versus Water 2 finale? I have to admit, I'm actually rooting for the Twinnie. Missy and Baylor are just horrible.

I have a ton of thoughts on Jaclyn. The biggest is how much she kinda bows to Jon and his whims. She had the right read on almost every situation and in almost every one, she let Jon have his way anyway. I have to shake my head at her.

I don't think you can play the game much worse than Keith has...and yet, if he's in the final three, he's probably our winner. So go figure.

Natalie has been pretty good in challenges. She's made some decent moves in the game and for the most part hasn't annoyed me near as much as I thought she would.

In a season of bad play...she's the best of what's left, it would seem.

Kim Hollis: Lord, I don't know who I’m rooting for. It's just a terrible group. I suppose I’d choose Keith just because it would be funny. I just can't root for Natalie.

David Mumpower: I'm still rooting for Jaclyn. I actually disagree with Jim on the couples dynamic there. The primary reason that they are in the mess they're in is because the boys were jerks to Jaclyn. Their unwillingness to play a social game forced her hand in going with the other alliance. And Jon does exactly what she says because he is ultra-whipped.


Ben Willoughby: I don't have much hope for Jaclyn making it to the end or winning. She's an outsider in the final five, without any clear alliances of her own. You would think that someone who has shown some good insights into the game would have spent some time over the last 30-plus days building those alliances, but from what we have seen she has worked mostly through Jon.

Every time we have seen her and Jon have a discussion, she has been on the money - except possibly that one time a couple of episodes ago when she was upset at not going on the horsey-ride and decided it might be better to flip again with Alec, Wes and Keith. So I think she and Jon have a dynamic that he always knows what he wants to do, regardless of whether it is the best move, while she always second-guesses even if what she wants is the best move. So I wonder if that, combined with hanging around with her boyfriend all the time, makes others think of her as flighty and insecure.

David: Natalie is responsible for the single strangest behavior this season. She saved Jon then spent the body of two (or three?) episodes talking about how badly she wanted him gone. Even by Survivor standards, that was irrational.

Ben: Natalie saving Jon in one tribal council, only to immediately turn around and start plotting his demise was completely rational. Natalie's best path to the end was to get there with Missy and Baylor, and that meant keeping her alliance together which, for the moment included Jon. If Jon had been voted out, it would have been Missy and Baylor, Natalie and free-agent Jaclyn, against a solid four of Reed, Alec, Wes and Keith. That is not a good outcome for Natalie. Protecting her alliance - and creating opportunities for her partners - was the right decision. She gets credit for being a savvy player by convincing Jon to play his idol and save her alliance, and then gets extra credit for masterminding Jon's elimination from the game.

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