Survivor Roundtable

By BOP Staff

December 17, 2014

Can you believe the other players were this dumb?

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David: I don't think Natalie can keep her mouth shut about her (weird) hatred of Jon. Whether that helps or hurts her with the jury remains to be seen.

Ben: If she has managed to keep her mouth shut to them so far so far, I think she’ll do just fine.

Kim: Yeah, I don't necessarily think that's going to hurt her with this group.

David: It all depends on how she does it. If she is short and to the point, the guys will dig that. If she meanders, the He Man Woman Hater's Club will be reminded why they didn't want to talk to any of these women in the first place.

From the meta perspective, what has happened with Baylor and Missy is the textbook example of how well the Blood vs Water concept can work. An inseparable duo has made enough straggler allies to impose their will on the game.

Jim: I agree...if Natalie makes it, she wins. I think against anyone. We can argue over whether she's the best player or not...but I think she can make the best argument. And the fact that she convinced a handful of people that she actually got confused about her vote (Jaclyn seemed to be the only one who saw through that)...I think she can convince them to give her the money. Especially when I think Jeremy, Reed and Josh are likely already inclined to vote for her anyway.


David: Keith is the one that I believe beats anybody. Wes is tight with the other dudes. They will want to reward his dad. There is an Occam's Razor element to this. No matter how impressed anybody is by what Natalie has accomplished, Keith was the patriarch of their alliance. If he makes it to the end, I'd be shocked to see them not reward him.

Kim: I would agree. I think Keith has a chance to pull off a win if he's in the final... except that he's going to have to talk. But if Keith is in the final three, I don't *think* Natalie is. (Although I think Baylor/Natalie may combine to get rid of Missy, which would be something, or maybe they use Jaclyn for a Missy vote before getting rid of her.)

Jim: I'm with you on this. I don't think there's a way that Natalie and Keith are in the final three. If they're both in the final HAVE to think they'll be targeting each other and one will go home.

David: The other potential surprise is that Missy's injury grows worse and she has to be removed.

Jim: I hate the Survivor promos. Because of the “One Final Blindside,” I can't imagine that Missy gets med-evac'd. But you never know. She could leave right off the bat and then Natalie is the huge blindside leaving Keith with an easy win.

David: As strange as this is, Keith seems to be in a mother/father relationship with Missy. So, I think Natalie would be their target. Baylor has the relationship with Natalie, which leaves Jaclyn as the person with no real allies. There isn't even a way for her to work a deal at the five.

Ben: Keith also has a relationship with Natalie, in that she was the one who stuck her neck out and saved him over Alec. And he's the type of person who might feel he owes her over someone like Missy, who didn't try to keep him in the game.

Jim: A lot will hinge on the final challenges. Obviously, Missy is out of contention. These balance/strength challenges are rough on they kinda screw tall people and at 6', she's the tallest out there. Natalie and Keith have proven to be real solid challenge competitors...and if it's not doing something with your feet, I think Baylor is a non-factor.

I want to see a straight up test of wills challenge...let's see who wants it the most.

Ben: Test of wills? Sure, so long as it isn't "balance one thing on top of another thing".

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