Survivor Roundtable

By BOP Staff

December 17, 2014

Can you believe the other players were this dumb?

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Jim: Alec votes for Jaclyn because she's hot.

David: I think Jaclyn's voting would be the most interesting. The reason why the game broke the way it did was because she went with the women, bringing Jon along with her. She doesn't have a relationship with the dudes, and Jon is kind of a traitor. I could see her still getting support because she is smart, attractive and wasn't a lump at camp. I could also see her getting shut out against even Missy and Baylor. As much as it blows my mind, there are scenarios where Missy wins the game.

Ben: I think the guys blame her for not going with them. And I also think if Missy makes it to the end with anyone but Natalie, she stands a chance at winning. The other players either haven't played the game, or haven't demonstrated they have been playing it.

Jim: Egads, man...don't say that. Missy cannot sit among Kim Spradlin, Rob Mariano and Cochran as a Survivor winner.

David: As we said in a recent recap, she's no different as a winner than Tyson or Cochran. The meek have started inheriting the Survivor earth.

Ben: I'm not sure “meek” is the right word when she has played such a controlling game. Everyone’s afraid of upsetting her.

David: I bet the teachers at Baylor's schools were all terrified of Missy, as was the PTA.


Jim: Obviously, we'd have to agree to disagree on that. Missy would be the worst winner ever. Even worse than Vecepia. That's right, I said it. Even worse than Vee!

David: A couple of weeks ago, I would have agreed with Jim on Missy. I am being forced to reconsider, though. She is a stupid and treacherous woman who has taken helicopter parenting to her logical extreme. She has always formed strong alliances, been in control of who gets voted out basically since the merge. She has orchestrated the surprise votes that even her allies did not expect. And she has eliminated threats effectively, which is exactly why so many lousy players remain. In a certain way, she is an evil genius. I think this is what Sarah Palin looks like as a Survivor player.

Ben: While they're personally not my favorites, I do think Missy and Baylor received more attention for their bad behavior than others - I'm thinking mostly of Reed here. Missy has been pretty forthright about being there to win the game, so you can put her in the same category as Jeremy, Josh and Jon, who were also there to win and didn't really care who knew it. And Baylor siding with her mother over Josh - who voted for her in the very first episode - is seen as some sort of betrayal. There were game reasons that Josh kept Baylor around - the exact same reasons why Baylor has been kept around by other players - so I don't think she owed him anything.

My own opinion of Missy and Baylor is that they are just not very good at Survivor. In The Godfather Part II, Johnny Ola talks about his ancient boss, Hyman Roth, and how he led a long life. "One by one, our old friends are gone. Death, natural or not, prison, deported. Hyman Roth is the only one left, because he always made money for his partners." Missy and Baylor didn't create many opportunities for their partners - except the opportunity to go along to the end with them and beat them.

Kim: I think if Natalie makes the final, she wins. The guys like her, she's had good alliances with the rest, and I *think* she can articulate some reasonable answers to questions (I'm not sure of this because of her weird thing where she kept Jon around even though she wanted him gone).

But I actually wonder if Keith/Missy and someone don't team up to get her out of there. Commercials are promising a final blindside, though we know that word does not necessarily mean what they think it means.

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