Survivor Roundtable

By BOP Staff

December 17, 2014

Can you believe the other players were this dumb?

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Jim: I really started noticing Jaclyn’s deference to Jon after my wife said something about it. Everything is about Jon and his game. And every time Jaclyn had the right read, Jon would tell her he didn't think she was right and they'd continue down the same path. If not for Jaclyn and Natalie telling him to play an idol, he'd have been gone a while ago - which actually would have been better for Jaclyn’s game.

Ben: I wonder if bringing your spouse on Blood vs Water is a bigger handicap in the game than bringing a sibling, child or parent. You are there with a bunch of strangers, plus the person in your life that you want to spend the most time with, and that must really hamper your ability to develop the individual alliances that you need to win.

Jim: Overall, though, it's hard for me to come up with enough care to even debate it. This season deserves a Twinnie Win.

Ben: You deserve a crotch-kick for using the T-word.

Jim: By the way....did you realize that Keith is the same age as Jeff Probst? Crazy!

David: Man, he looks 80 and a hard, Courtney Love 80 at that.

Kim: Huh... I suppose I probably would have put Keith in his 50s and Jeff, too, but they do seem markedly different.

Jim: I know, right? Makes me want to spit just thinking about it.

Also, I was listening to an interesting Cesternino podcast with Laura and Ciera from the first BvW. Not a lot of love for the new mother/daughter team there. Laura just said it would be a dream to take both Missy and Baylor to the final three. She can't believe how nice it would be to take two goats to the final tribal.


Ben: Laura is assuming that she wouldn’t be the goat? Huh.

David: The problem with this line of thinking is that an argument could be made that everyone but Keith is a goat.

Jim: And Keith is terrible at the there's no real clear cut winner I don't think. I'm hoping for a Keith-Natalie-Jaclyn final three. If that happens, it could be a time where the final tribal answers actually make a difference. *shrugs*

Ben: I think Natalie wins there, easily. The answers would make a big difference in a Missy-Jaclyn-Keith final three though.

Jim: Is there any way at all that people could scarp the final 3 and vote for Jeremy?

David: I'm on Team Josh rather than Jeremy. If Rocker's skank doesn't quit, Josh and Reed are in complete control of this game. Keith wins because the jury is all dudes. That's why I presume he is the biggest target. How Jaclyn treats the betrayal is the most interesting remaining question.

Jim: I actually preferred Josh as well...he and Jeremy are #1 and #1a for me as far as players go. Do you think Reed would vote Keith the way he screwed his game? I was thinking the same thing at first, but wonder if Reed (and by proxy, Josh) would vote for Keith because he's a terrible player.

Ben: I think Keith would be the worst possible winner for the season and possibly the worst winner ever. Yes, even worse than Baylor. This is because he spent a good part of the season not knowing what was going on. When you don't understand that people are allowed to lie when they answer Probst's questions at Tribal Council, you don't deserve a vote, much less a win. And I can't see the people on the jury who consider themselves serious players - Josh, Jeremy, Reed and Jon - voting his way. They’ll all want to be seen voting for the winner.

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