Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 9

Gettin' to Crunch Time

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 20, 2014

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Previously on Survivor, the only especially interesting player this season was voted out of the competition. After many seasons of casting to clichés, the show finally got its act together and casted a regular gay couple. Yes, they work on Broadway so it may have been unintentional by the producers, who may have presumed a stereotype.

No matter the explanation, Josh played brilliantly, demonstrating as much natural skill at the game as any player since Kim Spradlin. He was the unfortunate victim of a lot of circumstances beyond his control last week. He was aligned with especially immature boys who created a hostile work environment for Jaclyn, whose swing vote they desperately needed. When she convinced her man to vote with Jeremy’s alliance, the right player was eliminated for the wrong reason.

Still, we feel compelled to note that the true causation for Josh’s loss occurred during his first vote. For no reason, he put down Baylor’s name. The following morning, he confessed to the crime. After watching Baylor for the entire season, it’s readily apparent that the most important thing in Baylor’s life is Baylor. Josh’s betrayal was never forgotten nor forgiven. When he tried to manipulate her into voting for someone else, a reasonable request based on the fact that he carried her like a carry-on bag for every vote after that, she declined. She even gloated to the camera about it. The end result is that this season’s final few players are likely to be a lot of Baylors, with no Joshes.


The lone potential fly in that ointment is Reed, Josh’s boyfriend. We really don’t have a great read on Reed at the moment, because the editing indicated that he left all of the strategizing to Josh. Is Reed an oblivious yes man or did he readily agree with everything that Josh did because the two think so similarly? The answer to that question will go a long way in determining whether Reed is a viable threat to win Survivor or is eliminated in about 2,000 words. We are hoping for the former, because the other remaining contestants are Jeremy and…oh ye Gods. Go Jeremy and Reed!

Night 21 at Huyopa is a grim affair. The men suddenly realize that after holding all of the cards and a virtually insurmountable lead, their oafish behavior has all but guaranteed their elimination. Jon hugs Missy, which firmly establishes whose side he is on moving forward. The useless trio of Natalie, Missy and Baylor enjoy a celebratory embrace afterward. Jon should pay careful attention to this behavior, as they are the true power trio at the moment. It’s a quartet if we include Jeremy. No matter what move Jon and Jaclyn make, they seem to wind up being on the bottom two rungs of their current alliance.

Reed is asked how he is doing. His situation is a bit unique in that he was on the island with his boyfriend, and they had an alliance with numbers. Now, he is without his beloved, and his days in the game appear numbered. Last night was terrible for Josh, but at least he is eating real food again. Reed has to suffer for at least three more days. To his credit, he immediately starts calculating revenge plans.

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