Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 9

Gettin' to Crunch Time

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 20, 2014

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The next vote also is shown to be Jeremy. The fireman smiles, knowing that he has been blindsided. Sure enough, the final vote also goes to Jeremy, who is eliminated days after besting his primary opponent, Josh. The first two members of the jury are the two people who have played the hardest and the best thus far.

Natalie furiously asks, “What the ____, Missy?” CBS may edit out the word, but lip readers know the deal. In that moment, Natalie and Jeremy learn what they should have known by now. Missy and Baylor don’t give a damn about anyone but Missy and Baylor. There are now nine players remaining in Survivor, six of whom are part of duos. Natalie, Reed and Alec are outnumbered and their presumed allies are demonstrating no loyalty. At this point, it is difficult to envision any of them winning Survivor.


We rarely end these recaps with a strategic note, but if we were Natalie, Reed and Alec, the path would be clear. They should disregard previous allegiances and work together, picking one couple they believe that they can trust until the final five. And that duo should be Wes and Keith, the ones who have demonstrated loyalty to their allies so far. Jon and Jaclyn have gone back on their word multiple times in order to find their way through some tough situations. And Baylor and Missy cannot be trusted to vote as promised.

From a gameplay perspective, something fascinating has happened this season. All of the weak players who have historically been propped along to the end have learned a new tactic. If they eliminate all of the power players at the merge, they can manipulate the game such that all of the remaining players are weak. That may not be the best way to lead to a worthy Survivor champion. It is, the best way for useless people like Missy and Baylor to dramatically increase their odds of winning the game, though.

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